MomentFeed Honored to Be Named A Comparably 2018 Best Company

Inclusive Workplace Culture and Professional Development Investments Have Fueled MomentFeed’s Rapid Customer Growth and Dedicated Partner Support

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--MomentFeed, the leader in mobile customer experience management for multi-location brands, announces it has been recognized by the Comparably 2018 Awards in four leading categories including Best Leadership, Best Managers and Best Companies for Professional Development for small-and mid-sized companies. As a separate standout achievement, and as part of the company’s longtime emphasis on building an inclusive workplace, MomentFeed CEO Robert Blatt was also recognized as one of the “Best CEOs for Women” in the small-and mid-sized companies category.

Comparably awards companies based on the sentiment ratings and employee feedback in categories such as professional development, office culture, leadership, employee happiness and perks and benefits. MomentFeed joins the ranks of this year’s list with other top companies such as Starbucks, Salesforce, Costco and MomentFeed network partners Facebook and Google.

“We feel truly humbled that our employees are happy and inspired by the culture we built at MomentFeed,” said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. “By heavily investing in our employees’ professional development and creating a workplace that is welcoming to women as well as men, MomentFeed has been able to sustain a tremendous growth rate as well as attract the right customers and partners alike. We firmly believe that having a strong and inclusive company culture as well as an employee-minded leadership team will help MomentFeed become the next great social marketing company in our industry today.”

“Success for growing companies today boils down to their innate ability to create an environment of happy and motivated employees that produce results,” said Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably. “Having a highly rated CEO, a respected management team, and strong professional development programs are all recipes for positive workplace culture, and Momentfeed has demonstrated this through multiple awards in these specific categories."

MomentFeed’s investments in employee benefits, culture and well-being has made the company a highly attractive target for some of Los Angeles’ top technology and marketing talent. In 2017, the company was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Los Angeles” by the Los Angeles Business Journal and recently added prominent executives including Cynthia Countouris as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Products.

In addition to it’s strong leadership team and company culture, MomentFeed also leads the market with its Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) platform that helps each of the brands’ locations become more discoverable, get more customers through the door, and drive revenue—all in a single place. The MCX platform consists of several synergistic products including Visibility Manager, Location Finder, Social Media Manager, Paid Media Manager, Reputation Manager and Connect to integrate with your enterprise systems and bring insights to life with 3rd-party data.

The “Best CEOs for Women” honors those executives, including Mr. Blatt, who have worked to build an inclusive workplace for all female employees. The full list of executives can be viewed here:

The list of “Best Companies for Professional Development” highlights companies such as MomentFeed that have made significant investments in their people and career training. The full list of companies can be viewed here:

Companies like MomentFeed were highlighted as having the “Best Leadership” teams due to the deep bench of talented executives currently leading the company. The full list of companies can be viewed here:

The “Best Managers” category recognizes companies such as MomentFeed whose employees have rated their managers the highest for their management culture and good management practices. The full list of companies can be viewed here:

About MomentFeed

MomentFeed's mobile customer experience management software enables multi-location brands to make their nearest location the best choice for every mobile customer. The Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) management platform helps organizations manage consumer engagement at the store or field level, creating a mobile customer experience that is more authentic, relevant and engaging for local consumers and directly drives in-store foot traffic across multiple channels, providing marketing attribution for each channel.

With an integrated management and reporting system that spans multiple channels including mobile search, social media, digital advertising and customer care, the MCX platform helps continuously and predictably capture more in-store sales for retailers, restaurant chains, banks, auto dealers, insurance companies and other franchised and corporate-owned multi-location businesses. MomentFeed was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information visit


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