Datadog Introduces Logging Without Limits

  • Datadog introduces new capabilities that allow customers to manage massive log volumes
  • These capabilities significantly reduce the total cost of log management compared to traditional solutions

NEW YORK--()--Datadog, the leading monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments, today announced the availability of “Logging Without Limits” -- a set of new capabilities that markedly changes how logs are used by engineering teams. Organizations will now be able to ingest and archive all of their logs and decide which to index for monitoring (and be charged for) either dynamically, or after the logs are archived. This will allow engineers to collect every single log produced by their applications and infrastructure while precisely managing costs.

Traditionally, log management vendors price their solutions based on the amount of log data sent to them daily for indexing, forcing engineering teams to determine which higher-value logs to send to a log management solution, and which lower-value ones to “filter” out. This approach does not work for modern cloud-scale applications, where due to frequent changes in the application, new sources of logs come online automatically, and where parts of an application that may not have been deemed high priority can originate issues. Because cloud-scale applications generate millions of log events a minute, it either becomes cost prohibitive to send all logs to a log management system, or an impossible technical challenge to determine what logs will be needed for troubleshooting during the next incident.

Datadog’s newly released “Logging Without Limits” capabilities are designed to help engineers managing complex cloud-scale applications use logs in a cost-efficient, centralized way. This has been made possible by decoupling ingestion and indexation costs. Specifically these features work together to allow for:

  1. Ingesting logs from all sources for real-time debugging and troubleshooting using a “live tail” at 10 cents per GB
  2. Enriching and archiving the centralized logs in a customer's own cloud storage solution at no additional cost
  3. Turning on and off, on-demand, the indexing for subsets of logs that may need to be searched later, starting at $1.27 per million events per month
  4. Archiving all of these logs to an endpoint of choice like AWS S3 at no additional cost

Ultimately, these new capabilities will allow organizations to send all of their logs to a management solution, and only be charged for the specific logs that are deemed to be of value, even when that determination occurs far in the future after the logs were generated.

“Log management tools have become cost prohibitive for modern cloud applications. This has stemmed from archaic metering in log management products that simply doesn’t work in a world of horizontally scaling applications and microservices,” said Renaud Boutet, Director of Product Management at Datadog. “Datadog’s new Logging Without Limits puts control of log management back in the hands of the engineers who can pick and choose which logs to retain, and at what time periods, with surgical precision, while keeping real-time visibility over the fully ingested stream.”

Log data is an invaluable resource for feeding automated analytics platforms and providing IT teams critical visibility. Ideally customers would not feel pressured to remove valuable log data simply to reduce costs,” said Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research.

“We have been searching for an alternative to our homegrown, open source logs solution for years,” said Prakash Janakiraman, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Nextdoor, “but due to the volume of log data in our environment, it’s always been too cost prohibitive. Datadog’s ability to filter the exact logs we need, and retain what’s most valuable for specific time periods, has enabled us to cover everything within budget. Not only are all of our logs now managed in one platform, they are unified together with our system metrics and application traces, allowing us to find and fix performance issues faster.”

General Availability and Pricing

“Logging Without Limits” was announced at Dash, Datadog’s new conference for engineers who are building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams. These capabilities are now generally available within Datadog for existing customers and new users. Log retention pricing begins at $1.27 per million logs per month for a 7 day retention period.

Also Announced by Datadog at Dash

Datadog also announced Trace Search, a high cardinality application trace querying capability, and Watchdog, a machine learning based autonomous monitoring capability, at Dash in New York City today.

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