ZEDEDA Provides Early Access to Platform for Secure and Scalable Cloud-Native Edge Application Management

  • First demonstrable cloud-native platform for edge applications, early customer access to end-to-end app operations platform purpose built for the edge underway
  • Zero-touch infrastructure modernization for legacy embedded systems; simple to move legacy apps and OS from outdated systems to newer, cloud-native edge hardware
  • ZEDEDA joins EdgeX Foundry to bolster the organization’s vision of an open and secure cloud-native future that enables all new IoT applications
  • Major edge system vendors turning to ZEDEDA for operational automation, insights and protection of applications running on their systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--ZEDEDA, a startup powering the real-time enterprise, today announced a significant milestone in the development of the cloud-native edge—early access to ZEDEDA’s platform that provides real-time apps a simple “on-ramp” to the cloud-native edge. From legacy embedded systems to modern, AI-based IoT apps, the platform provides the scalability, security and visibility required to allow operations teams to unlock the power of real-time apps without concerns about bandwidth, latency or dependency on the cloud.

Operations technology teams have three primary situations to deal with when it comes to IoT applications: how to upgrade and secure a massive install base of legacy embedded systems, how to retrofit existing equipment with IoT sensors and applications to take advantage of real-time data, and how to deploy entirely new applications like AI-powered robots and self-driving fleets.

Closed, monolithic systems at the edge—either closed by design or closed because of legacy embedded device development workflows—are the last major impediment to solving these problems and enabling IoT to achieve its stated $1.3 trillion market potential. ZEDEDA’s platform demonstrates how cloud-native edge solves the most urgent problem for organizations looking into digital transformation—upgrading and protecting legacy systems without truck-rolls—and gives solution providers a way to easily adopt IoT sensors and industrial gateways to provide real-time data to operational software. Initial natively-supported hardware partners include platforms built on ARM and Intel x86 processors from leading vendors including Advantech Corporation, Lanner, SuperMicro, and Scalys.

“Cloud-native edge computing will be a diverse universe unlike anything in cloud datacenters today,” said Roman Shaposhnik, VP of Product and Strategy at ZEDEDA. “We are making the modernization of edge infrastructure secure, simple and automated in preparation for a fundamental shift away from legacy embedded systems. An open system that allows BYO hardware into a cloud-native platform is a start of the future: a computing environment that is distributed, autonomous and cooperative.”

To help drive entirely new applications and operational possibilities at the edge across a diverse universe of devices, ZEDEDA has joined EdgeX Foundry, a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation with a goal to build a common open framework for IoT edge computing.

"Interoperability and convergence on common industry standards is vital for organizations deploying next-generation distributed computing solutions at the IoT Edge," said Jason Shepherd, Chair of EdgeX Foundry Governing Board and Dell Technologies IoT CTO. "By joining EdgeX Foundry’s efforts ZEDEDA will help promote the project’s important work of creating an open ecosystem of secure, interoperable edge applications that will change user experiences and drive the future of business.”

Currently providing early access to select customers, ZEDEDA is accepting sign-ups for demonstrations and private briefings. For more information, please visit: https://www.zededa.com/.


Founded in 2016, ZEDEDA is pioneering a cloud-native approach to the deployment, management and security of real-time edge applications at hyperscale for solutions ranging from self-driving cars to industrial robots. ZEDEDA is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with engineering and market development teams based in India, UK, Germany and Korea. For more information, please visit www.zededa.com or follow us on Twitter at @ZEDEDAEdge.

About EdgeX Foundry

EdgeX Foundry is an open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation building a common open framework for IoT edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions. Designed to run on any hardware or operating system and with any combination of application environments, EdgeX enables developers to quickly create flexible IoT edge solutions that can easily adapt to changing business needs. To learn more, visit: www.edgexfoundry.org.

Related quotes:

"The boundary of the network edge is being redefined as cloud native applications run virtualized on white box servers and gateways in a more elastic, automated network that is transforming the Industrial and Enterprise IoT landscape," said Ween Niu, General Manager, Advantech Corporation. "But to meet the more stringent requirements at the edge, critical new IP such as real-time support, low-latency response and zero-touch provisioning, introduced by industry partners like ZEDEDA will be key to enabling the next generation of revenue generating edge services”

“Cloud-native has changed computing forever and bringing these principles to edge computing has the potential to solve some of the most difficult security and operational roadblocks for wide adoption of IoT projects,” said Alp Sezen, Senior Director of IoT Strategy at SuperMicro. “The floodgates are open for IoT solution providers to BYO hardware to a cloud-native edge with ZEDEDA’s platform allowing them to right-size their solutions and better meet their customers needs without compromising security or over taxing limited IT resources.”


Ethan Parker