HKBN Enterprise Solutions Vows to End Era of Exorbitant Roaming Charges

Introduces Global Phone Free Trials for Corporate Customers of 1010, csl, WTT, HGC and HKBNES to Enjoy 5GB Monthly Global Data

HONG KONG--()--HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited (“HKBNES” or “the Company”) announced the launch of a 2-month free trial of the CloudSIM technology powered Global Phone service1, which gives corporate customers a reasonable priced alternative to exorbitant roaming service. Corporate customers of 1010, csl, WTT or HGC Global Communications (“HGC”) as well as HKBNES’ designated fixed-line or mobile services customers are eligible to join the free trial, and enjoy 5GB monthly global data for use across 60+ countries and regions worldwide with a Global Phone!

Registration for Global Phone 2-month Free Trial is easy. Corporate customers of 1010, csl, WTT or HGC may simply call at hotline 1281111 or leave their contact information at A dedicated HKBNES representative will follow up and then provide a free trial promo code, which can be used for reserving the Free Trial. Designated fixed-line or mobile services customers of HKBNES will receive their promo codes via email. After Free Trial reservation is completed, a Global Phone will be delivered for enjoying 5GB monthly global data.

Tailored purposefully for the needs of frequent travelers, Global Phone features CloudSIM technology which detects network signal and switches to high-performance network available2 to ensure high-speed global data connectivity. Global Phone empowers customers to enjoy high-speed global data connectivity across 60+ major countries and regions on one single device without swapping SIM cards. Equipped with Dual SIM functionality, it also supports local mobile network service when a local SIM is inserted. Global Phone features a 5.5-inch full HD display, a 13 megapixel back camera and is powered by Android OS. Whether in Hong Kong or travelling abroad, a Global Phone is all you need!

HKBN Co-Owner and HKBN Enterprise Solutions COO Billy Yeung said, “Businesses in different industries always pay a lot for their mobile and roaming services. We now offer free trial of Global Phone service for not only our selected customers, but also corporate customers from other major local telecom operators, so that they can experience worldwide the convenience and cost-saving advantage of our Global Phone high-speed data service. It’s time to save on operating expenses and say goodbye to exorbitant roaming charges.”

Global Phone Buy-out Plan also Available

Apart from the free trials for corporates, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited is introducing a Global Phone Buy-out Plan. Effective immediately, personal/residential customers can purchase a Global Phone for only HK$2,688. The offer comes with 5GB global data China Roaming Premium Edition3 valid for one year, thereafter data top-up is at only HK$35 / 500MB. The Buy-out Plan also includes myTV SUPER App (Alpha Pack) and TVB Anywhere app (Plan Bee) for 24 months.

For Global Phone Buy-out Plan details, please visit:


Photo caption: HKBN Enterprise Solutions invites corporate customers of 1010, csl, WTT or HGC as well as its designated fixed-line or mobile services customers to register for Global Phone 2-month Free Trial, and experience a reasonable priced alternative to exorbitant roaming service.

About HKBN Group

HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited and Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited are part of HKBN Group (“HKBN” or “The Group”). HKBN is Hong Kong’s largest provider of residential high speed fibre broadband (symmetrical 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps) services by number of subscriptions, and a fast growing enterprise solutions provider. The Group offers a full range of telecommunications solutions for both the residential and enterprise markets, encompassing broadband and Wi-Fi network services, cloud solutions, data connectivity, data facilities, system integration, mobile services, entertainment and voice communications. HKBN owns an extensive fibre network in Hong Kong, which covers over 2.2 million residential homes passed, representing approximately 81% of Hong Kong’s total residential units, and 2,300 commercial buildings. HKBN embraces “Make our Hong Kong a Better Place to Live” as its core purpose, and takes great pride in developing its Talents into a competitive advantage. The Group is managed by over 300 Co-Owners who have invested their own savings to buy HKBN Ltd. (SEHK Stock Code: 1310) shares, representing the majority of supervisory and management level Talents in the Group. HKBN Group is part of HKBN Ltd.

Appendix: HKBN Global Phone Service - Coverage of Overseas Mobile Data

  Country / Region             Country / Region
1 Australia       35     Mainland China
2 Austria       36     Malaysia
3 Bangladesh       37     Mexico
4 Belgium       38     Myanmar
5 Brazil       39     Netherlands
6 Bulgaria       40     New Zealand
7 Cambodia       41     Nigeria
8 Canada       42     Norway
9 Croatia       43     Pakistan
10 Cyprus       44     Philippines
11 Czech Republic (Czech)       45     Poland
12 Denmark       46     Portugal
13 Egypt       47     Qatar
14 Estonia       48     Romania
15 Fiji       49     Russian Federation
16 Finland       50     Saudi Arabia
17 France       51     Singapore
18 Germany       52     Slovakia
19 Greece       53     Slovenia
20 Guam       54     South Africa
21 Hungary       55     South Korea
22 Iceland       56     Spain
23 India       57     Sri Lanka
24 Indonesia       58     Sweden
25 Ireland       59     Switzerland
26 Israel       60     Taiwan (China)
27 Italy       61     Thailand
28 Japan       62     The Lao People's Democratic Republic
29 Kazakhstan       63     Turkey
30 Kenya       64     Ukraine
31 Latvia       65     United Arab Emirates (UAE)
32 Lithuania       66     United Kingdom
33 Luxembourg       67     United States
34 Macao (China)       68     Vietnam


  • HKBN reserves the right to add, remove and/or change the Designated Regions and/or Countries without any prior notice, for details, please visit
  • Specific coverage area(s) in Designated Regions/ or Countries depends on the setup of the local network operator(s). HKBN is not liable for any disputes incurred due to network coverage area(s).

    1 Terms and conditions apply. Please visit Free trial is subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last

    2 Depends on related local network operators capabilities

    3 Capable of using common social media, instant messenger and map apps in Mainland China


HKBN Group
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HKBN Group
Ada Tsang, +852 3999 2285
Fax : +852 3999 7349