Rotunda Scientific Technologies Introduces Two New Research-Grade Benchtop Spectrometers

The MS-5000 and MS-5000X debut today at Penn State Molecular Biology Symposium

The MS-5000X from Rotunda Scientific Technologies. (Photo: Business Wire)

AKRON, Ohio--()--Rotunda Scientific Technologies introduced two new advanced research spectrometers today at the Penn State Summer Symposium on Molecular Biology. The new “MiniScope” spectrometers are affordable and provide laboratories with enhanced performance at a fraction of the size and weight of anything commercially available – until now.

The new MS-5000 and MS-5000X spectrometers are small, lightweight and portable. Weighing less than 100 lbs. and about the size of an average briefcase, the new EPR/ESR spectrometers can be used everywhere.

“This product is a first for the Unites States,” said Joe Rotunda, a partner and founder of Rotunda Scientific Technologies. “Products like this have been available in the U.S., but they were roughly the size of a refrigerator or washing machine and cost more than $1 million.

“Previously, smaller spectrometers either didn’t have the performance to replace the larger units or were awkward to operate and several times the size of the MiniScope. These spectrometers are affordable and completely portable – it opens the door to advanced research for many small- and mid-sized labs for the first time ever.”

The MS-5000 and MS-5000X from Rotunda Scientific Technologies are manufactured by Magnettech, a worldwide leader and pioneer in electron spin resonance (ESR). While EPR/ESR spectrometers have a variety of research applications, the company says they are ideal for life sciences, environmental toxicology, biophysical features, food chemistry and pharmacy, bioinorganic chemistry, petrochemistry, separation of radicals and alanine dosimetry.

“These next-generation spectrometers deliver outstanding sensitivity and magnetic field stability,” Rotunda said. “They allow laboratory personnel to focus on research, not the operation of lab equipment. There is a very low learning curve with these new spectrometers, and our software – ESRStudio™ – is simple, powerful and intuitive.”

The MS-5000 and MS-5000X also connect to a wide range of accessories enabling a myriad of experiment designs and testing applications for different materials and temperatures. The accessories make it possible for MiniScope spectrometers to do testing that would have required significantly more equipment in the past.

Rotunda Scientific Technologies, LLC is based in Stow, Ohio and is a woman-owned small business. The company has over 25 years of experience with instrumentation for the laboratory and field.

For more information about the MS-5000 or the MS-5000X, visit Rotunda Scientific Technologies at or call (330) 906-3403.


Rotunda Scientific Technologies
Joe Rotunda, 330-906-3403

Release Summary

Rotunda Scientific Technologies introduces two new advanced research spectrometers - the MS-5000 and MS-5000X - that are small, light and affordable.


Rotunda Scientific Technologies
Joe Rotunda, 330-906-3403