Moving Families Initiative® Declares June as ‘National Get Involved with an Extracurricular Activity Organization’ Month

The nationwide celebration aims to bring about awareness, education and connectivity for all extracurricular activity organizations

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Moving Families Initiative®, an international plan focusing on assisting parents moving or relocating with children and making the moves less stressful for their families via a one-stop access process, announced June as “National Get Involved with an Extracurricular Activity Organization” month.

The declaration was made to enhance awareness, education and connectivity for extracurricular activity organizations nationwide. Extracurricular organizations provide programs that build character and enhance life skills and values for children. Moving Families Initiative® focuses on assisting children, ages 19 years and younger, in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of changing neighborhoods, schools and friends, whether they're moving across town or across the country.

We’re excited about the National Get Involved with an Extracurricular Activity Organization month,” said Johnnie Johnson, former NFL All Pro Los Angeles Ram and CEO of World Class Coaches®, facilitator of Moving Families Initiative®. “Children’s participation in extracurricular activities not only strengthens character but also provides a safe environment where kids can make new friends in a new location.”

The overall objective in serving the Initiative’s parents and children when they move or relocate is to provide them with access to:

  • High-quality education
  • Children’s extracurricular activities
  • Affordable housing
  • Economic opportunities

Moving Families Initiative® provides a network of Preferred Real Estate AgentsTM across all real estate brands, who are certified in the care and handling of families’ needs during transition. People simply register at prior to the execution of their home rental, sale or purchase agreement. A Preferred Real Estate AgentTM of their choice will help them meet their moving needs, including connecting with key people, schools, organizations, agencies and service providers in their old and new neighborhoods.

Moving Families Initiative® joined forces with HSF Affiliates, operator of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Real Living Real Estate brokerage franchise networks, and through its Home Connections real estate services platform offers parents a one-stop access point for the plan’s legion of service providers, programs and services.

As part of the nationwide celebration, Moving Families Initiative® will encourage parents to work with children and get them involved in an extracurricular activity. Additionally, Moving Families Initiative® encourages adults to engage with an extracurricular activity of their choice through volunteerism, donation and connecting others to the activity.

Johnson asks parents, teachers, coaches, school counselors, extended family members and others to encourage children to participate in an extracurricular activity of their choice. “We’re not concerned about which activity is chosen as long as participants get involved in one of their choosing,” he said. “It could be debate, playing in a band, singing, dancing or youth sports. Extracurricular activities teach young people important values, life skills and character traits they may not learn elsewhere.”

In summary, the Moving Families Initiative® is about awareness, education and connectivity to achieve the Initiative’s overall aims,” Johnson explained. “Annually, nearly 10 million children ages 19 years and younger move throughout America. One of our goals is for all of these eligible children to be involved with an extracurricular activity of their choice when they move or relocate to a new school or neighborhood.”

About World Class Coaches/Moving Families Initiative

San Jose, CA-based World Class Coaches® is an international personal, professional and executive coaching company that practices and teaches fundamentals as part of its coaching-delivery process. The company facilitates its Moving Families Initiative®, which serves, protects and meets the needs of families with kids who must move or relocate. Visit or call (866) 224-8895 for details.


World Class Coaches
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Release Summary

Moving Families Initiative®, a plan helping families relocate, announced June as “National Get Involved with an Extracurricular Activity" month.



World Class Coaches
Chandra Brown, 434-305-6449