ARMS Medical Announces 300 “No-mesh” Pelvic Floor Procedures by U.S. Surgeons Using Novel Allograft to Avoid Complications

DermaPure Allograft with dCELL® Technology, a Next-generation Decellularized Tissue Graft, Is an Innovative Alternative to Synthetic Mesh in Urogynecologic Surgery

MIAMI--()--ARMS Medical, an exclusive distributor of DermaPure® dermal allograft from TRX BioSurgery, today announced an important inflection point in adoption of this innovative human tissue. More than 300 procedures have been successfully performed by specialists in the United States using DermaPure allograft. They include pelvic organ prolapse (POP) surgery, synthetic mesh replacement and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) surgery.

DermaPure is a novel biologic that features patented dCell® decellularization technology, which removes 99.8% of donor DNA to limit immune response and promote site-specific cell regeneration. It is a leading and rapidly growing alternative to synthetic (gynecological) mesh, a common surgical implant that has generated the largest multi-district litigation since asbestos, according to a 60 Minutes report. Hospitals and urogynecologic surgeons are adopting DermaPure quickly, attesting to its advantages of accelerated recovery, minimization of scarring and ease of use.

“Our mission is to help advance innovation in pelvic floor procedures, and thus women’s long-term health, by providing education about the unique attributes and advantages of DermaPure,” said Robert Greer, founder and president of ARMS Medical. “We are working closely with pioneering surgeons and healthcare facilities nationwide to benefit women by improving outcomes and avoiding complications caused by synthetic mesh, animal tissue grafts and other approaches. This milestone of 300 successful surgical implants showcases the potential of DermaPure to revolutionize pelvic floor surgery.”

The dCELL® process creates a bio-inductive scaffold with intact vascular channels, resulting from the removal of DNA and cellular material from biological tissues. DermaPure enables the patient's cells to repopulate and colonize, creating new tissue that is recognized and accepted by the body and stimulates a natural healing process.

Surgeons speak out

A growing number of leading urogynecologists are using DermaPure for pelvic floor surgery.

“I was looking for a low-risk/high-reward solution for anterior and posterior pelvic floor surgery when I learned about DermaPure from ARMS Medical. Compared to other biologics I tried, DermaPure offers superior tissue quality and better opportunities for in-growth. ARMS provided training on DermaPure, which I use frequently in my urogynecology practice. To date, I have seen very good patient outcomes with this allograft, including healthier, stronger tissues that I believe will lead to longer-lasting repairs.”

R. Keith Huffaker, M.D., FACOG, FPMRS

Associate Professor / Chief of Urogynecology, James H. Quillen College of Medicine

“I have the privilege of performing surgery on over 700 women per year from all over the world with primary and recurrent complicated pelvic floor issues encompassing uterine prolapse, vaginal prolapse, urinary stress incontinence, vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistulae, and urethral diverticula, as well as vagina mesh complications. When I perform these procedures, I often use DermaPure allograft to help damaged tissues regenerate and become stronger. DermaPure has demonstrated excellent, consistent results in healing these tissues.”

Dionysios Veronikis, M.D., FACOG, FACS

Director of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Mercy Hospital - St. Louis

"I have implanted DermaPure allograft in more than 50 pelvic floor procedures and have had zero complications. In comparison, it’s not unusual for other biologics to cause an initial immune reaction or demonstrate poor healing.”

Nathan L. Guerette, M.D., FACOG, FAAFP, FPMRS

Director and President, The Female Pelvic Medicine Institute of Virginia, Richmond, VA

“In instances such as Stage III prolapse, a biologic implant like DermaPure allograft is needed to improve the quality of the patient’s native tissue. In my experience, women presenting with Stage III prolapse have attenuated tissue. If they only receive a native tissue repair, they typically will develop a reoccurrence.”

Manish Patel, M.D, RPh, FACS, FPMRS

KershawHealth, Camden, SC

Exclusive DermaPure distribution

A recently signed multi-year agreement gave ARMS Medical exclusive rights to distribute the TRX BioSurgery biologic to hospitals and surgeons throughout the United States for use in urology and gynecology procedures. ARMS Medical recently launched a patient explainer video to educate women about this valuable alternative. The company also offers a suite of curated surgical tools and technologies that support the use of DermaPure.

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About ARMS Medical

ARMS Medical provides advanced surgical technologies and tools for pelvic floor issues, including organ prolapse and incontinence. Our goal is to help patients, surgeons and hospitals by optimizing outcomes, maximizing safety and minimizing complications. ARMS Medical supplies a suite of products to the healthcare industry, including DermaPure allograft, StitchKit® suturing technology, Smoke Evacuation Pencil and DKV Vaginal Retractor System™.


ARMS Medical
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ARMS Medical Announces 300 “No-mesh” Pelvic Floor Procedures by U.S. Surgeons Using Novel Allograft to Avoid Complications.


ARMS Medical
Media Contact:
Amy Pinzur, 781-499-2767