Socure Enables Two Top 5 US Banks to Verify Digital Identities with Unprecedented Accuracy

Predictive Analytics Platform has Slashed Identity Fraud by 60% and Increased New Account Opening Auto-Acceptance by 20%

NEW YORK--()--Socure, a leading provider of predictive analytics for digital identity verification, today announced that two of the Top 5 US banks (and three of the Top 10) are now using its Socure ID+ platform. Socure replaces traditional digital identity verification methods with a machine learning platform that can predict the identity of customers entering through digital portals with unprecedented accuracy to dramatically reduce account opening fraud, increase auto-acceptance and slash manual reviews.

Most banks continue to manually review a large portion of online applications because they simply do not trust their automated identity verification systems. Not only does this create customer friction, but it also increases customer acquisition costs and leads to lost revenue. Using Socure, one Top 5 US Bank cut its very high manual review rates by more than half, deceased identity fraud losses by 60% and achieved a substantial reduction in false-positives.

By replacing a leading credit bureau solution with Socure ID+ for identity verification, another Top 5 US bank improved auto-approval rates by over 20% and reduced the need for friction-heavy out-of-wallet challenge questions. This client also saw the number of manual reviews drop with no negative impact on fraud levels.

According to one Bank executive: “After thoroughly examining and testing the Socure ID+ solution, we were frankly astonished at the improvement in ID verification accuracy. We almost didn’t believe it! In test after test, Socure was able to cut manual reviews in half while maintaining or improving fraud prevention. It really was quite amazing to achieve such significant results.”

In addition to the nation’s leading banks, Socure’s growing client list includes a top 5 global money transfer agent, a top 5 US online retailer, three top 10 US card issuers and the majority of top consumer-facing fintech challenger banks.

“Socure is solving the single most difficult problem in identity verification – validating a person that’s never done business with an organization before. Trying to accomplish this using traditional approaches in a mobile and digital world has been a miserable failure,” said Tom Thimot, CEO of Socure. “We are the only identity verification company that is delivering beyond-human levels of accuracy by applying data science, analytics and proven machine learning models to hundreds of online and offline data sources.”

Socure ID+ Platform
The patented Socure ID+ predictive analytics platform verifies whether digital identities are authentic, synthetic, or stolen. The company’s deep learning technology establishes an unprecedented level of trust and certainty for online transactions. The ID+ platform applies advanced data science techniques to hundreds of sources of consented online, social, mobile, and offline data to validate the authenticity of digital identities in real-time.

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About Socure
Socure is the leader in high-assurance digital identity verification. The company’s predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to trusted online/offline sources including email, phone, address, IP address, social media and traditional GLBA/DPPA data to authenticate identities in real-time. The Socure ID+ platform reduces fraud by up to 90 percent, lowers manual review/knowledge-based authentication (KBA) rates by as much as 80 percent, and automates Customer Identification Program (CIP) for over 90% of the US adult population. For more information visit


Marc Gendron PR for Socure
Marc Gendron, 781-237-0341

Release Summary

Two Top 5 US banks, and three of the Top 10, have deployed Socure ID+ platform to replace their traditional digital identity verification methods.


Marc Gendron PR for Socure
Marc Gendron, 781-237-0341