The Smart Choice: Questback Launches GDPR Support in its New Spring Release

With Questback, it’s simple—the new Spring release includes GDPR-compliance features to ensure unhindered access to customer, employee and market insight

NEW YORK--()--Questback, a global leader in enterprise feedback management, today announced its new Spring release includes GDPR-specific features to enable seamless compliance for its thousands of customers including one-third of the Forbes list. Preparing for the GDPR since 2015, the new Spring release is the culmination of years of expertise and industry-leading best practices. It includes features aligned to the GDPR requirements around personal data, processing and storage.

Privacy by design and default. That is what you get with Questback’s enterprise feedback platform. The newly released Privacy Assistant includes features aligned to GDPR-compliant feedback data collection, processing and storage.

1. By default. The Privacy Assistant is activated in Questback’s technology by default as required by the GDPR.

2. Personal information. You can now flag personal data in each field of your survey. Personal data flags highlight and organize participant variables and feedback making it easy to identify the data that falls under the GDPR.

3. Set it and forget it. Set the retention period to automatically purge data in accordance with the GDPR. All data flagged as personal will automatically join the deletion routine which commences after the expiration of the retention period.

4. Get consent. Seamlessly integrated functionality enables GDPR-compliant forms to obtain informed consent. Create your own or use a template, complete with a library for organization and storage. The templates also enable notification duties fulfillment as outlined in article 13 and 14 of the GDPR.

The new GDPR functionality comes enhanced with tooltip descriptions to guide users in field usage and their compliance efforts. Gain further information and support with Questback’s repository of various GDPR-specific webinars, guides, blog posts and overview materials to help inform and guide its customers.

“Trust is second to none in today’s digitalized world,” states Marc Oetzel, Privacy Counsel at Questback. “Privacy, security and compliance are foundational to protecting that trust and the relationships most important to any organization. Employees, customers or market research participants—Questback has led the charge in our industry, ensuring that our solutions help customers access the critical data they need to grow their operations without having to worry about violating the new set of regulations.”

Perfectly timed with the GDPR enforcement date on May 25th, Questback delivers on its promise of superior technology, services and support for its global customer base. Questback’s functionality enables GDPR compliance across customer, employee and market data including proper consent management, transparency, data portability and data processing. “Feedback-driven insight possesses the power to transform organizations,” states Frank Møllerop, Questback CEO. “Data is the beginning of that process. Ensuring data privacy and security should be at the forefront of any business leveraging this invaluable insight for higher performing organizations.”

Questback’s solutions enable you to create and conduct your surveys in a compliant fashion by design and default. When it comes to your customer, employee or market insight, Questback is the smart choice.

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Questback is a complete feedback system that helps companies transform customer, employee and market research programs. Used by thousands of companies, including one-third of the Forbes list, Questback is the smarter, faster way to manage feedback. Get the software, services and human support you need to manage customer, employee and market feedback – all in one place. People matter. Get their insight.

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Release Summary

With Questback, it’s simple—new Spring release includes GDPR-compliance features to ensure unhindered access to customer, employee & market insight.


Roslyn Sakaguchi, 832.482.8003