Instantly Generate OpenAPI 3.0 Definitions with Swagger Inspector

SmartBear Announces OpenAPI Specification 3.0 Support for Swagger Inspector, Making It Fast and Easy to Reap the Benefits of Standardization Using a Single Tool to Test and Instantly Generate OpenAPI 3.0 Definitions for Existing APIs

SOMERVILLE, Mass.--()--SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, announced OpenAPI Specification 3.0 support in Swagger Inspector. This allows individuals and teams to use a single tool to test their existing APIs and instantly generate OpenAPI 3.0 definitions, which makes it fast and easy to reap the benefits of standardizing on the OpenAPI Specification. Swagger Inspector’s support for OpenAPI Specification 3.0 reaffirms SmartBear’s commitment to empower individuals and teams to easily leverage the benefits of the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification.

The world is rapidly moving to standardize on version 3.0 of the OpenAPI Specification because it brings rich expressive capabilities to describe APIs, including callbacks to support asynchronous API calls, new and expanded security definitions, and links. In addition, OpenAPI 3.0 definitions can automate API lifecycle processes, including creating interactive, consumer friendly documentation, prototyping client SDKs, and generating test cases. However, while defining a new API in OpenAPI Specification 3.0 is a well-known process, generating the OpenAPI 3.0 definition from existing APIs is a tedious process, and involves manually annotating existing code against each resource and method. Swagger Inspector eliminates all the guesswork and monotonous labor from defining APIs in OpenAPI Specification 3.0, and streamlines the API development process by providing a single tool to both test APIs and instantly generate OpenAPI 3.0 definitions. Swagger Inspector also allows users to generate OpenAPI definitions for large APIs with many endpoints by combining them into a single OpenAPI definition file, and ensure an API’s implementation always matches its documentation.

“OpenAPI is central to defining a common API vocabulary across all of our internal teams,” said Coenraad Mulder, Solutions Architect at Markinson Business Software Solutions. “Moving forward, our company will be standardizing on OpenAPI Specification 3.0 for all of our APIs, and it’s imperative for us to also be able to easily create OpenAPI 3.0 definitions for our APIs, both new and old. Swagger Inspector’s ability to validate OpenAPI 3.0-defined APIs on the cloud and automatically generate OpenAPI 3.0 definitions for our existing API endpoints can be a great starting point for moving this process forward in a quick and easy way.”

In order to further accelerate the API lifecycle using the OpenAPI, Swagger Inspector is tightly integrated with SwaggerHub, the design and documentation platform for teams. The integration lets development teams host their OpenAPI 3.0 files on SwaggerHub, where they can continue working on their API development workflow as a team, generate client SDKs, and catalog their API definitions on a single location for discovery and consumption.

“Standardizing on OpenAPI Specification 3.0 to document new APIs is a relatively trivial task, but retrofitting your existing APIs can be time consuming and tedious,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM, API Business at SmartBear. “With full support for the OpenAPI Specification 3.0, Swagger Inspector makes documenting existing APIs as seamless and smooth as possible.”

The latest support for OpenAPI Specification 3.0 in Swagger Inspector builds on the commitment of SmartBear to providing world-class tooling to accelerate API development using the OpenAPI Specification. Unlike some other API tools, SmartBear aims to always support open standards like the OpenAPI Specification to drive software development forward. SmartBear also provides several other API lifecycle tools that help create and deliver great APIs with OpenAPI Specification 3.0, including SwaggerHub for designing, developing, and documenting APIs, SoapUI and SoapUI Pro for REST and SOAP functional testing and test automation, LoadUI Pro for API load testing, ServiceV Pro for API and database virtualization, and AlertSite for monitoring APIs.

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SmartBear Announces OpenAPI Specification 3.0 Support for Swagger Inspector


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