Five9 Spring Release 2018: Practical AI for the Contact Center and Portfolio Wide Enhancements

SAN RAMON, Calif.--()--“Good morning, Sophia! I see you are contacting us about an overcharge. Given you are a valued customer, I will credit the charge for this month’s bill. Is there anything else I can help you with?” Have you ever had this experience calling a company where they already know you, know exactly why you are calling, and resolves your issue in a minute? If you are like most, this experience is rare. Personalized customer service matters and artificial intelligence (AI) can be the game changing technology. It takes the burden off the customer and enables an amazing experience.

To connect the dots for the agent and customer, today we announce Five9 Spring Release 2018. This release includes major enhancements across the portfolio, including Five9 GeniusTM and Engagement Workflow.

Five9 Genius is designed to bring practical AI to the contact center, and is a core layer within the platform enabling pervasive intelligence throughout Five9 applications.

Five9 Genius includes:

  • Intelligent routing designed to get customers to the right agent faster. For example, a customer types a question regarding an account overcharge into a search bar. Five9 Genius uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) with machine learning to understand the customer’s issue. That information is used to identify an available agent, skilled in billing and authorized to issue a credit.
  • Agent guidance designed to provide stellar customer experience. In this same example, AI provides the agent with information on the customer’s overcharge, past purchases, and call history. Five9 Genius provides agent guidance on the next best action. With this knowledge the agent can quickly resolve the customer’s problem resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Engagement Workflow:

Designed to help contact centers get a customer to the right agent faster, Engagement Workflow determines who, why, and how, to deliver an optimal experience for every channel. It provides the single, end to end workflow that can drive all channels and makes Five9 Genius AI actionable. This enables companies to design the flow of the personalized customer experience.

Engagement Workflow incorporates machine learning technologies, from both Five9 NLP and third-party AI (i.e. Salesforce Einstein and IBM Watson) to uncover insights from structured and unstructured data. This provides sharper insight into customers and their needs by extracting customer and call context, their overall sentiment and call emotion and then quickly matches them with the right agent with the right answers.

“Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that requires investment to apply to specific use cases. Five9 has taken the promise of AI and applied it to contact centers. With Five9 Genius, companies will be able to create personalized experiences – which has been too difficult or too expensive without AI,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics.

“As customer expectations continue to grow, we believe AI will play a key role in helping deliver a better experience,” said Rowan Trollope, CEO, Five9. “Spring Release 2018 allows us to deliver on the promise of AI, and is a major step for Five9, our customers, and the contact center industry.”

In addition to Five9 Genius and Engagement Workflow, with Spring Release 2018, we have made significant enhancements across the portfolio to provide the best experience possible. Enhancements include extending the open platform, a new Supervisor console and a multi-role performance dashboard. For further information on the Spring Release 2018, please visit

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