Acxiom Launches Global Data Navigator Tool Offering Marketers Visibility into Global Audiences

Extends Lead in Global Data with New Offerings for Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy

CONWAY, Ark.--()--Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), the data foundation for the world's best marketers, today announced the availability of its Global Data Navigator tool for U.S. and international marketers, as well as the continued expansion of Acxiom global data coverage into Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy. Acxiom has the most expansive and compliant data offering in the world, which now encompasses more than 62 countries, 2.5 billion addressable consumers and more than 10,000 attributes—for a comprehensive representation of 68 percent of the world’s online population.

The self-service Global Data Navigator tool allows marketers to gain real-time access to Acxiom’s ethically sourced data offerings worldwide. Today’s marketers need to move at the speed of their always-on customers by using global data to fuel informed, borderless marketing experiences. The ability to quickly access information about what consumer data is available globally has been extremely challenging and time-consuming for marketers. As Acxiom continues to expand its global data services, the Global Data Navigator tool provides brand marketers and agencies supporting their clients with an in-house portal to easily locate available data elements by country and understand which Acxiom identity and activation services are available. With this unique offering, users can view results by geography, category and services to make the navigation of Acxiom’s global data catalog even more turnkey and actionable.

“We continue to rapidly expand our global footprint to support our partners with the most expansive and ethically sourced data offering in the world. We are placing a significant emphasis on the integration of this data into the world’s leading publishers and ad tech platforms to transcend marketing borders,” said Chad Engelgau, VP of products at Acxiom. “It’s critical that marketers have the right tools in place to quickly assess trusted global consumer data and expand their marketing reach. Our goal is to offer marketers a single-source solution for global data, identity and activation— eliminating the pressure of having to rely on multiple vendors and to navigate varying privacy rules from country to country.”

The addition of Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy to the Acxiom Global Solutions portfolio expands advertisers’ engagement and reach. Acxiom’s latest suite of country services empowers advertisers to access, assess and activate data in a manner that is compliant with country-specific regulations.


The ability to reach and engage Brazilian consumers with people-based messaging is imperative for international brands that want to capture market share in the country. The launch of AbiliTec® for Brazil provides a complete identity solution with clean and standardized customer contact data at the individual and household level to provide the most precise view of Brazilian consumers across time and channels. The introduction of InfoBase® for Brazil contains approximately 156 million unique individuals – 96% of all adult consumers and more than any other data source. Advertisers expanding efforts in Brazil now have the ability to draw from a rich demographic pool and reach 88 million consumers via email, 156 million by phone and 114 million via mobile. Acxiom’s expansion in Brazil also supports audience activation to measure online and offline audiences. The result is greater intelligence to inform ad buying decisions, better custom segmentation and more effective audience building.

The Netherlands

The marketing ecosystem in the Netherlands is unique based on its mature data protection environment. The strict data protection regulations result in solutions built at a household-level to be compliant with the local regulations. Acxiom Netherlands Data provides broad coverage of approximately 8 million Dutch households across key demographics and also offers geo-statistical and segmentation options to organize Dutch households into key marketing groups. Acxiom’s global data ethics program is both thought- and practice-leading, administering ethical data use methodologies and data governance, adhering to the Netherlands’ rules for collection, use and sharing of data so advertisers can market with confidence country-wide.


A robust economy with rising consumer spending provides marketers with significant opportunities to target the country’s more than 52 million consumers. AbiliTec and InfoBase for Italy provide similar identity resolution and enriched customer and prospect information as Acxiom’s expanded offerings in Brazil. Advertisers can have confidence to expand their customized data footprint across Italy and be in full compliance for the country’s data governance rules.

The trend toward borderless marketing will continue to be a top consideration for global brands. Acxiom gives marketers access to rich, thoroughly vetted and curated data so they can execute campaigns with complete confidence that they have adhered to the latest ethical data methodologies for data protection and cross-border requirements.

Marketers interested in requesting access to the Global Data Navigator tool can visit this link for more information.

About Acxiom

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Havas Formula for Acxiom
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