Thousands of People United as One: Merculet Main Sale Successfully Concluded within 2 Minutes

MVP Fires Up Global Blockchain Communities

Merculet's Main Sale ended in 2 minutes. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--In the past few months, all Merculet team members have devoted themselves to the blockchain industry and have gone the extra mile to help Internet users and entrepreneurs. One milestone after another achieved, and just moments ago, Merculet’s main sale successfully concluded, opening a new chapter for the future.

Merculet’s Private Sale registration ended on Apr 17th. This private token contribution gave rise to widespread discussion in the blockchain community, attracting the attention of experts, influencers, and investors in the industry. Ultimately, Merculet received more than 900 applications from 25 countries. After a solid round of review, 78 participants selected, and a total of more than 26,200 ETH collected.

In keeping with the significant momentum that Merculet has experienced, the token main sale finally launched on May 4th, 8:00 am CST (May 4th, 9:00 pm GMT+8). The allotted 696 million tokens enthusiastically sold within a mere 2 minutes on During this main sale, a total 9,800 ETH was raised, coming from 107 different countries. The total participants reached over 6000 people, and more than 20,000 KYC candidates were waiting to participate the main sale. The diversity of the contributors falls in line with Merculet’s mission to serve global entrepreneurs and Internet users. The trust garnered from the industry community demonstrates people’s recognition of Merculet’s vision, and also shows their hope and determination to embrace the distributed commerce together with Merculet.

Embrace a Bright Future With MVP Contributors

Merculet has positioned itself as the Chief Growth Officer to serve entrepreneurs worldwide, providing Internet-based companies with solutions that grant them readily accessible token-based operation. Merculet is creating a brand new ecosystem where companies and users will polish the product together, creating value that can be circulated among companies effectively and efficiently. Merculet’s vision to completely change the existing Internet and provide sophisticated enterprise-level blockchain technology solutions, in turn, produces a massive responsibility for Merculet. One of the primary reasons that Merculet can keep its momentum moving forward is due to community members continually showing their support.

The success of this main sale can be attributed to the dedication, tenacity, and perseverance of both Merculet team members and community team members. Merculet team members feel honored to hold the trust of so many contributors from all over the world, and this trust has grown into a type of motivation for them to work even harder in the future.

Ivan Jiang (CEO of Merculet): “Merculet has positioned itself as an international project since its conception. The success of our fund-raising is directly tied to everyone's support and efforts. Thanks goes to every team member of Merculet. Without them working day and night, our efforts would not have resulted in nearly as much success as it did.

We want to thank all members from our global community for their recognition of our work, and we thank each and every investor and partner of Merculet for their trust. We also want to thank the media for their support, as well as the Krypital Group for their marketing guidance. Without their support, this goal would not have been met.

The end of the fundraising is only the first step in this long journey. In the near future, billions of Internet entrepreneurs and Internet users will be rapidly brought into a new era of communications. Merculet’s utmost priority is to reconstruct the value of the global trillion-dollar industry of internet traffic. In the short term, we will launch our “Believer Programs” as well as “Big Sailing Plans” among investors and partners from 25 countries around the world, and the long-prepared Blue Book will be released as soon as possible. These are all meant to give everyone a more thorough understanding of our time – the mission and ambition of Merculet!”

Merculet actively communicates its progress to the community and its supporters, all the while receiving valuable suggestions for their products. Merculet team members adopt these suggestions with open hands in order to continuously optimize the product and better serve Merculet community members. Online townhall meetings started in April, Merculet team members answer questions from community members continually. All Q&A sessions in the past have met with enthusiastic debated, with questions covering topics such as product architecture, product competitiveness, and Merculet team members’ backgrounds. In the past month, Merculet has organized three Airdrops and online AMAs total across Asia, Europe and, North America.

This main sale would not have gone nearly as smooth if it were not for the continuous and unwavering support from Merculet’s early-stage supporters and developers. The Merculet team would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to Elex, Solo Ads, TOOP, Magic Window, Fenbushi Capital, DHVC, Krypital Group, Rootscap, Tokeneed, Blockchain Ventures, Dushu Foundation, Consensus Capital, Bamboo Fund, Genesis Capital, Blockfox Fund, Walsh Private Investment Fund, Consensus Technologies, V&D Capital, Hexa Group and more.

Instructions on Token Issuance

Within six weeks of the closure of main sale, Merculet will issue a MVP token to the provided ETH address. For inquiries, please email:

Reallocate Trillion-Dollar Worth of Internet Value Globally

Due to the vigorous development of blockchain technology and the uncertainty of the blockchain market, opportunities also bring along challenges during the development process of Merculet’s projects. And the only way to conquer these challenges is to move fearlessly move forwards. In keeping with this spirit, Merculet launched their first product demo (Alpha) just before the opening of the main sale.

Merculet has been progressing rapidly since January. In the past two months, the team has reached many remarkable milestones, including receiving a strategic investment from Fenbushi Capital, the formation of Merculet Japan Co. Ltd (located in Tokyo, Japan), the publication of the book RxJava 2.x In Action (written by Tony Shen, head of Mobile Development), and the release of a Merculet product demo. Merculet’s CEO Ivan Jiang and CTO Shen Ju Zhang, have also shared Merculet’s vision in many world-class blockchain discussion forums, including “The #1 Blockchain Debate in China,” the Industry Leader Summit, the 2018 BTA Blockchain Technology and Application Summit, Think Tank Roundtable Workshops hosted by Future Forum, the Blockchain-Expo in London and the 2018 Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles. Further, just one day before the launch of the main sale, Merculet officially moved into its US headquarters in California.

These significant points of accomplishment have served to promote the growth at Merculet. In addition to the 35 dedicating employees in this project, the company is seeking to grow further through recruitment efforts. And while Merculet works to bring new talents onboard, they already have a few clients that are working on real pilot integration.

The future is here. In 2018 Merculet plans to implement its solutions on a grand scale and form strategic partnerships with thousands of start-ups across the world. In doing so, Merculet will bring a billion users into the blockchain era, to share in a sector valued at more than one trillion-dollars. Merculet looks forward to promoting the full-scale shift of Internet-based companies and Internet users as they move towards tokenized business, initiating a new era for the Internet that is noted by its diversity.

Attached is the Merculet’s Road Map of year 2018



Distribute MVP Token;

Release AVN system β1 (including UAV system 1.0 & UAT system 1.0) & Application Market β1;

Complete Open-Platform Product Design;

Onboard at least one partner, and complete testing for 15+ partners;


Release AVN system β2, Attention Purse β1, UAT Application Market Version 1.1 & Open Content Platform β1;


Release Attention Purse β2 & Open Content Platform β2;

Support the exchange between UATs;

Onboard AVN (User Attention Value Network) 1.0.

* According to different national laws and regulations, citizens from China and the United States were not considered as qualified participants to Merculet’s token contribution event.

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Thousands of People United as One: Merculet Main Sale Successfully Concluded within 2 Minutes

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