YugaByte DB Reaches 1.0 with Customers in Production

World’s first open-source database combining NoSQL & SQL is now production-ready

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--YugaByte Inc, creator of the transactional, high-performance database for planet-scale cloud applications, today announced the general availability of YugaByte DB 1.0, with multiple customer deployments in production. YugaByte's multi-model database offers support for Apache Cassandra and Redis APIs, along with beta support for PostgreSQL API -- all three powered by a common underlying database storage and replication engine.

Digital transformation of enterprises is well underway. The key business drivers behind this transformation are ensuring agility of the digital business and delivering the best possible customer experience while keeping costs low. To address these needs, the application stack is moving to a cloud-native architecture and traditional data centers are transforming into many geographically distributed private or public clouds. But the operational database tier has not kept pace with this transformation. The databases being used currently were built over a decade ago, in the pre-cloud era.

YugaByte DB comes to market at this critical juncture. “YugaByte DB represents a major milestone in bringing together the best of the SQL and NoSQL databases in a single product. It is a cloud-native database that offers scale, performance and transactional consistency - meaning you can have your data served both quickly and accurately,” said Kannan Muthukkaruppan, CEO and Co-Founder of YugaByte. “To stay relevant, enterprises need to build highly engaging and agile applications that work at global scale, and YugaByte DB helps accelerate an enterprise’s cloud-native journey, but without cloud lock-in,” he added.

YugaByte DB enables development teams to build planet-scale applications with RDBMS-like ACID guarantees, flexible schema modeling with native JSON type, consistent secondary indexes, and Time-To-Live features. The database is primed for cloud operations teams to deploy and manage multi-region and multi-cloud clusters with unparalleled ease. The product also supports online rolling upgrades, distributed backups and Kubernetes driven orchestration.

Powering Fast-Growing Companies

Version 1.0 of YugaByte DB comes battle-hardened with a year’s worth of beta testing by early adopters and customers for business-critical use cases.

YugaByte DB powers the Location Tracking Service at Turvo, a real-time collaborative logistics platform. "We are revolutionizing logistics with a collaborative, connected IoT platform to create the Internet of Shipping," said Turvo CTO and co-founder, Sai Nagboth. "This requires a 100 percent reliable transactional database that is capable of near-infinite scaling and can serve large datasets at very low latencies. YugaByte DB is that database for us.”

“YugaByte was easy to get started with using known APIs such as Redis and Cassandra, and eliminated the need for multiple data tiers like a separate cache and multiple DBs. It is now a lot quicker to build and roll out features. Additionally, we can handle our peak season load by scaling out in just a few minutes,” said Uday Shanmugam, Chief Architect, Narvar.

“YugaByte DB enables us to get the most from our hybrid-cloud setup, keeping our sensitive data securely on-premises, while leaving us free to employ a strategy that maximizes our use of multiple public clouds, to keep our customers satisfied and establish ourselves not just as New Zealand’s newest telco, but also its best,” said Olav Jordens, Senior Developer at 2 Degrees Mobile. “Whichever part of the cloud we’re in, YugaByte can serve up data reliably, consistently, and securely.”

Key benefits of YugaByte DB

YugaByte’s mission is to help enterprises innovate faster and at lower cost by addressing one of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle- the data tier.

  • Gets products to market faster. Companies often end up with multiple databases for different use cases or sometimes even within a single use case, e.g., an RDBMS for transactional needs, a NoSQL database for scale, and caching solutions such as Redis for low latency access. YugaByte DB brings together the three must-have needs of user-facing cloud applications – ACID transactions, cache-like performance, and global distribution – in a single database. This greatly simplifies development and operational complexity.
  • Increases competitive advantage. YugaByte DB enables building low-latency globally distributed applications with ease.
  • Enables organizations to leverage public and private clouds without lock-in. YugaByte DB is designed for the cloud-native era and supports zero-downtime operations for rolling upgrades as well as hardware/cross-cloud scaling or migrations.
  • Enhances data protection against outages. YugaByte DB’s ability to span multiple regions and clouds means that if data availability is compromised in one region it remains safely stored and immediately available in another.
  • Achieves affordable, effective and simpler regulatory compliance, including with such new regulations such as GDPR that have strict rules around data location and movement. YugaByte DB is engineered with compliance top of mind.

“With the general availability of YugaByte DB 1.0, we are forever changing the data tier in the Digital Transformation era. We’re excited about this launch, and also about the impetus it gives our mission of simplifying enterprise data infrastructure,” concluded Muthukkaruppan.

About YugaByte

YugaByte is the company behind YugaByte DB, the cloud-native, transactional and high-performance database for planet-scale cloud applications. YugaByte DB converges the operational database needs of mission-critical applications into an easy-to-manage, unified platform, allowing enterprises to focus on growing their business rather than managing complex infrastructure. Founded in 2016 by former Facebook engineers and database experts, YugaByte is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Learn more at www.yugabyte.com and follow us @YugaByte.


for YugaByte
Sarah Shkargi, 737-333-4549


for YugaByte
Sarah Shkargi, 737-333-4549