Get Milacron M•Powered at NPE 2018: Milacron Launches IoT Suite of Services, Part of New Support and Services Offerings Across All Milacron Product Brands

CINCINNATI--()--Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry will detail their strategy to become the plastic processing industry’s service leader at NPE 2018, in West Hall, booth 2703, May 7th to May 11th. Milacron will launch Milacron M•Powered, their comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solution and highlight the wide variety of service, support, and parts programs for their Milacron injection molding machines, Mold-Masters hot runners, Uniloy blow molding machines, Milacron extrusion systems and DME mold technologies.

Milacron CEO Tom Goeke stated, “The entire Milacron team is committed to leading the service model transformation of the plastics processing industry.” Goeke elaborated, “Service is at the very core of Milacron. Milacron’s service and support offerings are as varied and robust as our product offerings. With the industry’s largest stable of product brands and technologies comes the responsibility to our valued customers to provide second to none service and support. We have amped up our organic aftermarket offering that includes parts, service, rebuilds, retrofit and preventative maintenance services through to launching a well-integrated IoT connectivity program under the Milacron M•Powered brand. We’re taking the best of IoT and other connectivity enhancements and integrating them into our product portfolio.”

In this 3rd NPE press release, you’ll find a number of technologies and services that highlight Milacron’s commitment to providing the industry’s most trusted service, support, spare parts programs and IoT solution with the launch of Milacron M•Powered.

Milacron M•Powered: Knowledge is Power

Milacron M•Powered is a portfolio of easy-to-use observational, analytical and support services that gives our customers a competitive advantage through insight. M•Powered provides unique intelligence on a customer’s current operations and future needs, sharpens manufacturing quality and productivity, and optimizes uptime.

Plastic parts: Making them better, faster and cost-effectively – That simple statement is at the core of everything Milacron does. Where does our IoT and connectivity offering play into all this? IoT optimizes our service availability creating a technical link between our customers and our technical experts. We use technology to be faster and always available for our customers. We call this Milacron M•Powered.

M-Powered takes our entire suite of aftermarket services delivered by ServTek to the next level of customer performance. M-Powered connects parts, service, rebuilds, retrofit and preventative maintenance service to our customers’ machines to provide a unified, stronger offering: optimized uptime. ServTek delivers performance. Now, with M-Powered, ServTek provides competitive advantage.

Currently, all injection molding machines that ship out of our US facility are M•Powered enabled. Our M•Powered product currently includes remote service capability, remote monitoring with OEE and downtime analytics, and data collection with maintenance and parts recommendation intelligence M•Powered also includes full API integration as a standard setup in addition to applicable hardware such as our SmartMold and Red/Green Boxes and dedicated network security.

Milacron M•Powered is based on “Big Data”, qualitative art, and quantitative science and aims to continuously improve asset utilization and production efficiency. The launch of Milacron M•Powered signifies the amplification of the Milacron product line. The Milacron M•Powered product will continue to advance and evolve and we are currently scheduling releases later this year to include services such as the M•Powered Fingerprint, M•Powered Solutions, and M•Powered Smart Glasses for “see what I see” virtual technical assistance.

M-Powered makes our lifecycle parts and service offering – delivered by ServTek, DME and Mold-Masters – optimized.

Milacron Injection Molding Machine Aftermarket – Ensuring uptime, ALL the time

Milacron Injection Machinery Spare Part Promise – The right part, right away

Milacron demonstrates our commitment to service and our recognition that asset availability is vitally important to our customers through our parts stocking logistics program. Most of the high consumption parts are 99% in stock with same day shipping availability; in fact, over the last 3 years we have achieved 95% fulfillment for same day shipping requests. In total, we dedicate 3,500 SKUs worth over $50M USD to our aftermarket customer’s needs. Milacron also has robust and proven capability for Injection End Products (IEP) such as barrels, screws, and tips for ALL plastics machinery – not just Milacron branded machinery, resulting in a major advantage for our customers.

Milacron Injection Machinery Service Technicians – Trust your Milacron machinery to a Milacron expert

Milacron has the most qualified service technicians across North America with unmatched experience and knowledge. In the last 12 months, we’ve hired 25 additional technicians and plan to hire an additional 30 in 2018 to ensure our customers get the service and support they need when they need it. No other injection machine manufacturer can support a North American customer in the fashion Milacron can provide.

Milacron Injection Machinery Retrofit and Rebuild – Breathing new life into experienced machines

When a customer’s business needs change, their machines need to change as well. Milacron offers a variety of retrofitting and rebuild options for a customer’s current fleet of machines to adjust to different outputs or a complete rebuild of older machines that still have life in them. Milacron’s Technical Service team works with customers to review requirements, evaluate processes, and offer upgrade and rebuilding ideas to improve efficiency, increase productivity and uptime to help customers achieve their output goals.

Mold-Masters Hot Runners – Unlocking the full potential of a hot runner system with MasterCARE

Mold-Masters Preventative Maintenance Programs – Ensure hot runner systems operate at peak performance with comprehensive preventative maintenance programs

Mold-Masters MasterCARE® preventative maintenance plans are designed to simplify hot runner maintenance, help eliminate breakdowns and control costs. Mold-Masters MasterCARE® provides customers with a wide choice of options to suit any type of operation to ensure the precise level and frequency of service a customer’s operation requires. Mold-Masters estimates that 1 hour of preventative maintenance can save up to 5 hours of unscheduled downtime. All MasterCARE® Preventative Maintenance programs include: Prescheduled service, experienced Mold-Masters technicians and original Mold-Masters spare parts.

Mold-Masters Hot Runner System Refurbishments – A restored hot runner system ensures a return to flawless part quality, reliability and is more economical than purchasing a new system

Mold-Masters MasterCARE® refurbishment services return any hot runner system to like new condition. Mold-Masters uses state of the art cleaning processes and replaces worn and damaged components to ensure the system returns to its original high output productivity, and reliability. The MasterCARE® program offers recommendations to customers on refurbishments or system checks, well before any potential breakdowns that could risk overall production lines. This is all included with the new MasterCARE® Preventative Maintenance program. Visit our booth to find out all the details of the MasterCARE® hot runner refurbishment product.

Milacron Extrusion Services – More service and part options than any other manufacturer

Parts and service is our priority. Milacron is dedicated to customer uptime, providing quick response and thorough evaluation to ensure long lifecycle and optimized performance for all extrusion products. Milacron have redesigned their parts distribution processes to have on hand inventory of wear parts and critical parts with 24 hour shipment availability to support customer needs. Milacron also offers over the phone advisement, diagnosis, process development and parts identification.

Milacron Extrusion Screws – Optimizing melt temperature control and the processing window

Milacron designs and builds full extrusion systems in-house ensuring complete control of precise equipment needs and the ability to create a highly customizable approach for our customers: one that increases productivity, output, and accuracy, while reducing costs. Milacron’s robust screw and barrel offerings allow processors to experience improved homogeneity, melt temperature control and an expanded processing window via the utilization of optimized screw geometry. Customized screw geometries for both single and counter-rotating extruders can also improve the machine’s output over traditional designs. The vast experience of our screw design team allows geometry development for a wide range of compounds, resins and unique applications. The Milacron Extrusion team will support all processors’ screw and barrel needs.

Milacron Extrusion Retrofit and Rebuild – Breathing new life into customers’ older extrusion equipment

Milacron Extrusion offers the most robust retrofit and rebuild options ensuring customers maximize the longevity of existing equipment. Milacron is capable of replacing or refurbishing everything from the gearbox to the end of the barrel, including such items as barrels, heaters, feed screws, control retrofits, thermocouples, barrel discharge clamps, control panel rewiring, drives, instruments, shrouds, and all other miscellaneous items required for an extruder rebuilt to the original design or enhanced with developed modern technologies.

Uniloy – A full range of parts, molds, technical support and service packages to keep Uniloy blow molding systems operating at peak performance

In addition to stocking the most commonly used Uniloy parts for immediate shipment, Uniloy also has a number of services and support programs for all blow molding customers. Worldwide, Uniloy has a base of operations in the US, China, India and Europe with more than 30 highly trained service technicians ready to be deployed.

Uniloy Blow Molds – One of the largest manufacturers of extrusion and stretch blow molds with a broad range of complementary services and technical assistance

Uniloy offers mold and container design, unit cavity testing, finished part qualification testing manufacture of a broad array of blow molds for reciprocating and shuttle extrusion as well as injection stretch blow molds for both proprietary and non-proprietary technology platforms. Additionally, Uniloy has full capability to repair and refurbish molds to bring them up to ‘like new’ condition with enhanced performance.

Uniloy Machine Retrofits and Rebuilds – Reconfiguring blow molding machines with state of the art technology

Uniloy offers rebuilds and retrofits of a broad range of blow molding machines, proprietary or otherwise, including injection blow, shuttle, reciprocating screw blow and industrial molding machines to original performance specifications or better! Uniloy’s experienced team of engineers and service technicians offer a comprehensive list of productivity improvement packages specifically designed to allow older machines to operate at better cycle times, more efficiently and safer. Uniloy routinely performs high quality, full scope rebuilds for roughly 60% of what a new machine costs.

Uniloy Control Replacements – Upgrading machine controls, improving user-experience and connectivity

Uniloy offers Allen Bradley Compact Logix, and B&R Control Packages developed for our blow molding machines. These packages provide improved machine sequence control as well as Ethernet connectivity. Each package also includes a color touch screen operator interface with built-in security access levels and alarms and diagnostics useful for troubleshooting machine operation and processing issues.

The entire Milacron team is ready to welcome the world to NPE and show our valued customers “what’s new”! Be sure to visit us May 7th to May 11th in the West Hall, booth 2703 to learn about Milacron’s unmatched service offerings.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron®, Mold-Masters®, DME®, Ferromatik®, Uniloy®, and CIMCOOL®. All Milacron product brands offer industry-leading service, support, and spare parts inventory – trust only Milacron trained experts to ensure your assets run at peak performance.

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About Milacron

Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution, and service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic technology and processing industry. Milacron is the only global company with a full-line product portfolio that includes hot runner systems, injection molding, blow molding and extrusion equipment, mold components, industrial supplies plus a wide market range of advanced fluid technologies. Visit Milacron at

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Milacron Holdings Corp.
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Director of Marketing and Communications
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Release Summary

Milacron will launch Milacron M•Powered, IoT solution & highlight the wide variety of service, support, & parts programs across all product brands.


Milacron Holdings Corp.
Michael Ellis, 905-877-0185 ext. 354
Director of Marketing and Communications
Investor Relations:
Mac Jones, 513-487-5057
Vice President Finance and Investor Relations