Cavion to Present Data Highlighting Company’s Pipeline in Neurological Disorders at 70th American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting

Studies in Essential Tremor, Epilepsy and Neuropathic Pain to be presented

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.--()--Cavion, Inc., a precision medicine biotechnology company developing T-type calcium channel (Cav3) inhibitors for the treatment of neurologic diseases will present clinical and preclinical data on the company’s lead compound, the potent Cav3 antagonist CX-8998, at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) in Los Angeles, April 21-27. Data on CX-8998 will be highlighted in a platform presentation and multiple posters on essential tremor, epilepsy, and neuropathic pain.

“Cavion’s focus on precision medicine and ‘white space’ indications in neurology exemplifies our commitment to meaningfully transform the R&D paradigm and impact patients’ lives in a unique way,” said Spyros Papapetropoulos MD, PhD, Cavion’s Executive Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Medical Officer. “We are excited to bring human proof-of-principle data forward and put Cavion’s unique pipeline on the central nervous system (CNS) therapeutics map.”

“These exciting and encouraging results support Cav3 channels as validated targets for tremor, epilepsy and neuropathic pain and demonstrate CX-8998 CNS target engagement in humans,” stated Cavion President and CEO Andrew Krouse. Cavion is currently conducting a Phase 2 trial of CX-8998 in essential tremor and a Phase 2a trial in generalized epilepsy.

Presentations include:

Human Proof-of-Principle Data – Poster Presentation: P4.261 A Proof-of-Principle Quantitative EEG Study of an Oral, Potent and Selective T-Type Calcium Modulator in Healthy Volunteers; S. Papapetropoulos (Cavion), S. Boyer (Cavion), M. Lee (Cavion), April 25, 2018.

Essential Tremor – Poster Presentation: P6.060 A Phase 2 Efficacy Study of an Oral, Potent and Selective T-Type Calcium (Cav3) Modulator in Essential Tremor Patients (T-CALM): Design and Dose Selection Rationale; S. Papapetropoulos (Cavion), Y. Maricich (Cavion), M. Lee (Cavion), S. Boyer (Cavion), B. Silver (Cavion), April 27, 2018.

Generalized Epilepsy – Poster Presentation: P5.282 A Phase 2a Study (T-WAVE) of CX-8998, an Oral, Potent and Selective T-Type Calcium Modulator in Adolescents and Young Adults with Absence Epilepsy: Rationale for population and dose selection; S. Papapetropoulos (Cavion), M. Lee (Cavion), S. Boyer (Cavion), M. Versavel (Cavion), April 26, 2018.

Essential Tremor – Poster Presentation: P5.281 CX-8998, a potent, selective T-type calcium channel antagonist dose-dependently suppresses seizures in the WAG/Rij genetic model of absence epilepsy; M. Lee (Cavion), S. Papapetropoulos (Cavion), April 26, 2018.

Neuropathic Pain – Platform Presentation: S7.004 Reversal of allodynia and neurophysiological outcomes by CX-8998, a potent, selective T-type calcium channel modulator, in a model of bortezomib induced peripheral neurotoxicity; M. Lee (Cavion), Y. Maricich (Cavion), G. Cavaletti (University of Milan), S. Papapetropoulos (Cavion), April 22, 2018.

About the T-CALM Study

T-CALM (NCT03101241) is an ongoing multi-center randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study designed to assess the efficacy of CX-8998 in reducing tremors and improving quality of life. The study will enroll up to 92 patients at 25 medical research centers across the United States. The study utilizes a combination of standard clinical trial scales and state-of-the-art digital endpoints to objectively quantify tremor. The effect of CX-8998 on multiple digital biomarkers will be further explored in a planned sub-study.

About the T-WAVE Study

T-WAVE (NCT03406702) is a multi-center randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study assessing the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of CX-8998 in adolescents and young adults with generalized epilepsy with absence seizures. Efficacy will be evaluated by EEG readings of seizure frequency, seizure duration, spike-wave duration, spike-wave density, and seizure-free intervals. The study will enroll patients at five medical research centers across the United States.

About Cavion, Inc.

Cavion, Inc. is a privately held clinical stage biotechnology company creating therapies modulating the T-type calcium channel (Cav3) for the treatment of white-space neurological diseases. Cavion’s platform of Cav3 modulators restore the brain’s natural rhythms in a variety of chronic neurological diseases such as essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathic pain, and epilepsy as well as orphan and rare neuro-developmental and genetic disorders.

Forward-Looking Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties and includes statements that are not historical facts. Actual results could differ significantly from results discussed. Cavion, Inc. disclaims any intent or obligation to update forward-looking statements, except as required by law.


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Release Summary

Data on Cavion, Inc.’s CX-8998 will be highlighted at AAN in platform and poster presentations on essential tremor, epilepsy, and neuropathic pain.


Cavion, Inc.
Andrew Krouse, 434-974-6969