Leading Engagement Platform Folloze Unveils Innovative Feature ‘ABM Content Plays’

Latest Product Release Enables Marketing and Sales to Deliver Personalized, Account-Specific, Education-Driven Journeys at Scale, Drastically Reducing Sales Cycles

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Folloze, the leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement Platform, today announced a major product release, including the launch of its new feature: ABM Content Plays. The new workflow functionality empowers Salespeople to leverage marketing tactics to execute highly-targeted, multi-touch campaigns, better engaging prospects and customers throughout the “Bow-Tie Funnel,” or customer lifetime journey. The release also includes new scheduling, visibility and control enhancements to its ABM Campaigns feature to empower successful ‘land and expand’ strategies.

ABM Content Plays uniquely allows for a connected sales and marketing approach, whereby marketing builds plays, dynamically distributes them to corresponding Salespeople to review, adjust, deliver and monitor consumption. As a result, both teams are given the trust and ability needed to nurture prospects with precise messaging and relevant content to their specific needs and interests.

According to a recent Microsoft article, “in companies that sell to large accounts, marketing typically sources only up to 10% of the sales pipeline. Folloze is changing that paradigm with [its] disruptive technology... Its unique platform empowers salespeople to use marketing techniques and allows Marketing and Sales to work hand-in-hand to deliver account-specific experiences, run content campaigns, act on behavioral alerts and build sustainable customer engagements.” In today’s digital, fast-paced marketplace, never before has it been more important for salespeople to act as educators, and Folloze is ideally suited to support this new model of consultative solution selling.

“Traditional marketing campaigns deliver messages that are broad and generic and do not allow input from individuals who have first-hand knowledge of the account – the salespeople,” explains David Brutman, Folloze Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “We believe that true sales success must entail a prescriptive and educational approach that’s highly personalized and delivered ‘in-context.’ By consistently providing high-value content journeys, salespeople can leverage the platform’s power to act as trusted advisors, helping prospects overcome their business challenges. Our latest release makes it extremely easy to turn any Content Board into a Content Play and customize it ‘on the fly.’ The result is a win-win: more informed prospects who are confident in their buying decisions, and sustainable relationships with much shorter sales cycles for sellers.”

The latest product release includes the following new capabilities and enhancements:

ABM Content Plays

  • Simple to set up, users can easily turn every Folloze content board into a multi-touch email campaign
  • Effortlessly define the frequency of delivery and exit criteria
  • Send as “me,” on behalf of someone else or from multiple senders
  • Create a content play template, or build your own

ABM Campaigns Enhancements

  • Campaign Scheduling:
    • Send immediately, or schedule for future date
    • Set up release frequency and cadence
  • Visibility & Control:
    • Stop, edit or view active content plays
    • Salespeople can approve, edit or decline a content-play that was submitted on their behalf
    • Review contact list: remove, add or edit contacts in the content play campaign
    • Full visibility of all content play campaigns status

“The new product release also turns the Folloze ‘Send-on-Behalf’ feature into overdrive,” said Adi Aloni, VP of Customer Success at Folloze. “For example, one of our customers, which has been an early user of ABM Content Plays to nurture their partner ecosystem, saw a 27% increase in their partner deal registration shortly after deployment. We are very excited to roll out these new capabilities and continue to help our customers transform their ABM Go-To-Market strategies.”

To learn more and for a live demo, register for the Content Plays Webinar on April 17, 2018 at 11:00am PDT.

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About Folloze

Folloze is the leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement Platform, which enables B2B sales and marketing teams to engage, develop and win their top target accounts. Built for scale, the platform empowers Marketing and Sales to collaborate on marketing strategy, account-specific content campaigns, content automation and more, and enables Marketing to easily deliver campaigns on behalf of Sales. The result is a personalized, automated, scalable ABM program, backed by actionable account analytics, where Sales maintains an authentic relationship with the buyer. These capabilities enable salespeople to act as consultants through the selling process, delivering significantly more value to customers and drastically increasing their sales pipeline, and ultimately revenue.

Folloze was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with a development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Folloze was founded by a group of marketing, sales and technology veterans and is backed by world-class investors. For more information, please visit www.folloze.com.


Geena Pandolfi, 212.398.9680


Geena Pandolfi, 212.398.9680