Bitcoin Market Journal Hires Tech Journalism Pioneer as Editorial Director

Patrick Houston, former head of, ZDNet News, and Yahoo! Tech, hired to oversee editorial efforts

BOSTON--()--Bitcoin Market Journal, the premiere investment publication for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Initial Coin Offerings, has hired Patrick Houston, who has served as a BusinessWeek bureau chief, ZDNet executive producer, editor-in-chief, and founding GM of Yahoo! Tech.

Houston will oversee Bitcoin Market Journal’s rapidly expanding team of journalists and analysts covering the blockchain space.

John Hargrave, the publisher of Bitcoin Market Journal, said Houston brings a rare blend of business and tech journalism, as well as being a builder at the forefront of new media.

“Our goal is to make blockchain investing accessible to everyone,” explained Hargrave. “Patrick brings a deep understanding of how to bring technology to the people. You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to understand how to invest in bitcoin.”

In addition to running newsrooms of the world’s largest technology sites, Mr. Houston has recently been a top executive at a series of media and software startups, including his own MediaArchitechs, Inc.

“Blockchain is the next big wave,” said Houston. “Some are calling it Internet 3.0, or the Internet of Value. The opportunity to lead in this space is enormous, from educating investors on best practices to helping policymakers create common-sense regulations.”

Based in San Francisco, Houston is responsible for building out the West Coast branch of Genesis Block, the blockchain innovation space where Bitcoin Market Journal’s journalists and analysts deliver their industry-leading blockchain coverage.

“This is like the dot-com boom of the 1990s, but it’s moving even faster,” Houston concluded.

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Bitcoin Market Journal
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Release Summary

Patrick Houston, tech journalism pioneer and former head of, ZDNet News, and Yahoo! Tech joins Bitcoin Market Journal.


Bitcoin Market Journal
Cliff Robinson