IZEA Announces Unity Search Beta in IZEAx

ORLANDO, Fla.--()--IZEA, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential content creators, has announced the general availability of the Unity Search Beta in IZEAx. The Alpha version of this feature was previously available for select IZEAx clients.

Increasingly, marketers are simultaneously activating multi-channel influencer campaigns. Unity Search provides a solution for marketers seeking to activate influencers within a desired target who have presences across various social media sites. This new influencer discovery tool allows marketers to search those social channels an influencer has connected to the IZEAx platform through a single extensible search query, which produces a unified view of an influencer’s total social footprint.

IZEA has made wide-ranging enhancements to its platform search capabilities, which now include nearly 100 search dynamics, as well as proprietary data enrichments. These dynamics allow marketers to create very complex searches for niche influencers.

For example, a Unity Search has the capability to return results for influencers that match the following parameters:

  • Live within 50 miles of the 10001 ZIP code….
  • …and are female
  • …and are 18-24 years old
  • …and whose primary language is English
  • …and have a Blog following of 10,000 or more users
  • …and have an Instagram account with more than 50,000 followers
  • …and have a YouTube account with more than 10,0000 subscribers
  • …and are tagged with the keyword “fashion”

Unity Search not only makes this query possible, it does so with no special programming or database skills required on the part of the marketer. A preview of results is updated in real-time, showing a marketer how changes in query specificity effect the potential pool of influencers they can connect with.

Unity Search incorporates IZEA’s proprietary influencer discovery features: DynamicTags and Score Suite technologies. DynamicTags are programmatically appended to influencer profiles within IZEAx and are searchable by marketers. If an influencer’s conversational interests change, the tags also change to reflect those topics, which are continually updated.

DynamicTags uses natural language processing to extract relevant keywords from within an influencer’s body of published content. Keyword scoring is determined based on the type of word used and the frequency of its use within that influencer’s published content as compared against a greater corpus of text. This enables the extraction of specific brand names, as well as interest in broader topics such as “travel” or “snowboarding.”

Unity Search is now generally available as a Beta feature for all IZEAx customers. It is expected to replace IZEA’s existing Platform Search and Creator Search tools with the upcoming release of IZEAx 3.0 in Q4 of this year.

To request a demo of the Discovery features in IZEAx, visit http://www.IZEA.com.

About IZEA

IZEA operates IZEAx, the premier online marketplace that facilitates transactions between marketers and influential content creators. IZEAx automates influencer marketing and custom content development, allowing brands and agencies to scale their marketing programs. IZEA creators include leading social media influencers and accredited journalists. Creators are compensated for producing unique content such as long and short form text, videos, photos, status updates, and illustrations for marketers and distributing such content on behalf of marketers through their personal websites, blogs, and social media channels. Marketers receive influential consumer content and engaging, shareable stories that drive awareness. For more information about IZEA, visit https://izea.com.

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IZEA, Inc.
Justin Braun, 407-215-6218
Manager, Corporate Communications

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IZEA Announces New Influencer Discovery Tool Unity Search Beta in IZEAx Platform


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IZEA, Inc.
Justin Braun, 407-215-6218
Manager, Corporate Communications