Topics Announced for the Highly Anticipated Automated Driving Systems Conference in June

WASHINGTON--()--The Automated Driving Systems Conference & Expo, scheduled on June 19 and 20, 2018 in Washington, DC will feature a strong line-up of talks from autonomous vehicles experts.

The 2-day event will bring together academia, industry, transit and fleet operators, insurers, and legislatures to discuss their plans for safe self-driving cars and to address the challenges related to design, testing, deployment and regulations of autonomous vehicles.

“We are pleased to bring this conference to discuss current ADSs programs to the autonomous vehicles’ community,” commented Mansour Faragalla, Conference Program Manager at Nordtree. “With representatives from leading self-driving cars and trucks, the conference brings the best minds in the industry together to exchange cutting-edge ADS systems, technologies and best practices."

The topics include:

  • Sensors’ Blind Spots and Limitations,
  • ADSs Malfunctions, Design Redundancies and Safety Strategies
  • I2V
  • Digital Infrastructure Plans.
  • Lane Changing & Merge Systems
  • Predicting Behavior of Other Vehicles
  • Predicting Behavior of Detected Objects
  • Predicting Collision & Other Threats
  • Responding to Traffic Officer Presence
  • Responding to Emergency Vehicles
  • Recognizing Traffic Signs
  • Operational Design Domain
  • Object and Event Detection and Response
  • Emergency Fallback
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Protections
  • Post-Crash Behavior
  • Data Recordings
  • Sensory Information
  • V2V & Real-Time Data
  • Social, Legal and Ethical Issues

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The ADSs Conference & Expo

The Automated Driving Systems Conference and Expo will provide exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to network and to have direct access to program managers from leading US, Japan, Korea and European Union autonomous vehicle programs.

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Government, Academia & Startups Rates

In order to extend the education of the Self-Driving Cars to much wider community that is shaping the ADS evolution. Special reduced registration rates are available for students, academia, government and startups.

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