Introducing Commbo, the First Aromatherapy Capsule Care System for Dogs and Cats

Kickstarter campaign looks to bring Commbo to market, a handheld nebulizing massager that helps improve a pet’s odor and relieve their anxiety while they bond with their owner

IRVINE, Calif.--()--J-Line today introduced Commbo, a revolutionary capsule-based aromatherapy solution designed to help keep cats and dogs smelling good along with a host of other benefits. Commbo is a small, rechargeable device that pampers ones’ pet with the calming strokes of a massage while micro misting a variety of essential oils and fragrances deep into their skin and furry coat. The Commbo uses a unique technology to nebulize the molecules of the oils so that they are more easily absorbed by the pet’s skin. With a variety of interchangeable and great-smelling aromatherapy capsules to choose from, pet owners can keep their dog or cat smelling fresh, while also helping to relieve anxiety and strengthen their immune system.

Much like the way modern-day coffee machines use individualized capsules to house a range of flavors, Commbo is built to offer a wide range of aromatherapy pet care solutions through a variety of blended essential oils and fragrances. The Commbo has a unique nebulizing technology which allows the molecules from the oils to be more easily absorbed by the pet’s skin. The Commbo also has two different massaging plates made from rubber, one for deeper penetration into the skin and one for light coat massaging.

“We know bath time can be stressful for both pets and owners alike, so we set out to create a pet care solution that had never been done before,” said Michael Luu, Marketing Director at Commbo. “With a wide variety of capsules containing essential scented oils to choose from, each cleaning can become a new bonding experience between pets and their owners. We know the Kickstarter community, and more importantly their furry loved ones, will absolutely love the Commbo nebulizing massager and the variety of fragrances we plan to offer!”

Studies have shown a pet’s mood and behavior can improve through a combination of massage1 and aromatherapy2 treatments. Commbo enables pet owners to provide a complete aromatherapy session at home, along with a massage for their pets. With a variety of fragrance capsules to choose from, pet owners can experiment to see which ones their pets like best.

For older pets, massage not only helps restore movement and function, but promotes greater health and general well-being physiologically. By stimulating the body’s organ systems, including the lymphatic and circulatory systems, massage can assist in detoxifying the body, boosting immunity, and warding off illnesses. Moreover, to the extent that touch and contact release endorphins and lower stress hormones in the body, massage may also help stave off emotional ailments like anxiety and depression.

Thanks to the variety of Commbo capsules, pet owners can tend to a variety of different needs or applications, including;

  • Cuddle Me Sweet Capsule for Odor Control: This capsule is used with the Commbo to help keep dogs or cats smelling good by eliminating odors and misting them with a delightful, not-too-sweet fragrance. Among the other Odor Control capsules are the great smelling Fairy Floss Kisses (Candy Sweet) and Hipster Mint Chew (Minty Crisp).
  • Stop Bugging My Fur Capsule for Pest Control: This helpful capsule can aid in keeping dogs and cats free from itchy, biting creatures with its ability to coat the skin and fur with a unique combo of natural oils that also smell pleasant.
  • Pain, Pain Go Away Capsule for Skin and Coat Care: When this capsule is used with the Commbo, it sends a penetrating mist of essential oils to help hydrate and moisturize the pet’s skin so that they feel healthier while also smelling great. Another fragrance capsule option for Skin and Coat Care is Whipped in Love.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On Capsule for Helping Anxiety: Certain smells can help calm the nerves and relieve stress from even the most excitable pets. With the Anti-Anxiety aromatherapy capsules, pet owners can work with their pet to get them into a more relaxed state.
  • Sunny-Side Up Capsule for Energy Boosting: With the sweet scent of citrus, this Commbo capsule contains oils that when nebulized can help awaken the senses of a dog or cat and get them energized and ready to play for the day.

With the Commbo nebulizing massager, the aromatherapy options for pets are truly endless and we intend to bring a fun range of new oil and fragrance capsule combinations to our Kickstarter backers, our customers and their pets.

Kickstarter Campaign: The Kickstarter campaign for the Commbo Nebulizing Massager will run from 3/27/2018 to 4/26/2018 and is looking to raise $20,000. Initial backers will have the following Commbo options and perks and the Kickstarter campaign details can be found here:

Pricing and Availability: the Commbo Nebulizing Massager will retail for $119.99 once publically available. It will be initially available in the U.S. from the Commbo online shop and




For J-Line
Krista Sparks Kiner, 714-308-1160

Release Summary

Kickstarter campaign looks to bring Commbo to market, a handheld nebulizing massager that helps improve a pet’s odor and relieve their anxiety


For J-Line
Krista Sparks Kiner, 714-308-1160