SubscriberWise Founder and USA Credit Czar Donates $1000.00 to Southern Poverty Law Center After Hurtful Economic Slur from FierceCable Editor

In the name of healing, tolerance, and education, America’s largest issuing CRA for communications supports organization known for pursuing equity and justice among the most vulnerable members of our society

Mike Dano, Editor-in-Chief for the Telecom Group of FierceMarkets, reaches out to SubscriberWise Chief Howe and removes hurtful language from story headline and depiction; Howe's insistence for dignity is realized in revised article and he sincerely appreciates FierceCable's swift and appropriate response

SubscriberWise proudly donates to SPLC in the name of justice and equity for most vulnerable, March 26, 2018 (Graphic: Business Wire)

MONTGOMERY, Ala.--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud announced today an olive branch to a FierceCable Editor and a donation to a leading defender of civil rights and public interest for the most vulnerable among us, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Although our society and courts insist on firm legal consequences for acts of negligence – intentional and unintentional – today I publicly forgive Questex’s ( FierceCable Editor for the extremely reckless decision to headline and depict severely credit-challenged individuals as ‘deadbeats’ -- while also asserting that abusive claim to a commercial organization that has a long and established record of credit education and credit empowerment,” acknowledged David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and president.

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“Now, I want to use this opportunity – for all sides, frankly – to be more mindful of the harmful consequences of labeling human beings with demeaning and abusive words or phrases, no matter the situation or perceived justification,” Howe continued.

“And on behalf of all victims who have suffered injustice, inequity, and intolerance here and everywhere around the globe, I want to use this golden opportunity to move on from an otherwise regrettable, unfortunate, and salacious headline with a focus on education, concern, and tolerance for all.

“That’s the right way to handle this,” the Credit Czar emphasized.

“Yes, we all must remain cognitive of our words and actions. We must recognize the harm we may cause others when we are thoughtless and insensitive and whenever we open our mouths without first thinking. The same standard must also apply for those who have the power of the pen.

“In every way possible, we must always strive to find ways to lift others up at every opportunity. We all must do better. And we all can do better,” concluded Howe.

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“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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SubscriberWise pursues healing and justice with financial donation to Southern Poverty Law Center


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