Scalyr Blows Past 175 Customers, Accelerates Annual Recurring Revenue

Log Management Platform Addresses Critical Need in DevOps Front Line

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Scalyr, the blazing fast log management platform for the DevOps front line, today announced rapid customer adoption and revenue growth, with more than 175 customers, tripling of annual revenue, and a 99 percent revenue renewal rate. Scalyr ingests up to tens of terabytes of log data per customer each day.

Unlike traditional log management tools built for IT cost centers, Scalyr’s log management platform was architected for engineers who are at the forefront of software development, building and releasing code multiple times per day. This software delivery model is now common in businesses with customer-facing applications such as e-commerce, media, service economy, gaming, telecommunications, business services, big data and analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Scalyr has struck a real chord with rapidly-growing businesses whose engineers are responsible for revenue-generating software,” said Steve Newman, chief executive officer of Scalyr. “When your application is closely tied to the success of your business – as it is for our customers like Baidu, Return Path, and CareerBuilder – maintaining high performance takes on a new level of urgency.”

DevOps Finally Gets Log Management That’s Fast, Simple, and Shareable

Scalyr has grown rapidly among DevOps users. The engineering team responsible for development, deployment, and ongoing operations of the software pipeline, is on the front line of business like never before. Their applications are no longer an IT cost center, but instead serve the business’s customers and contribute directly to revenue.

For DevOps, operational visibility tools are critical for identifying and troubleshooting software and infrastructure performance issues, as well as gaining insight into user activity to detect a poor experience, service misuse, or fraud. These issues must be solved in minutes or the company will lose revenue.

Built by engineers for engineers, Scalyr was architected for speed, simplicity, and shareability. Scalyr’s unique engine enables powerful exploration and analysis of log data for everyone, not just query language experts. Complemented by an unlimited-users pricing model, Scalyr eliminates the traditional “gatekeeper guru” model of log management and allows the entire engineering team to do their jobs efficiently.

Customer User Adoption Grows 5x

By eliminating the gatekeeper model, Scalyr democratizes access to logs. In the first six months of deployment, customers typically exceed 5x growth in the number of employees making use of log data. Teams ranging from development to QA to site reliability to customer support begin getting value from the platform. By contrast, traditional log management solutions are often limited to a handful of highly-trained, certified users, preventing widespread adoption across the enterprise.

Query Performance Clocks in at 1.2 TB per Second

Scalyr is laser-focused on performance. Designed for engineers who must visualize large volumes of data from disparate sources and execute long series of exploratory ad-hoc queries, the product combines two powerful innovations:

  • A purpose-built, NoSQL database, tuned for real-time ingestion and high-speed search of log data, and designed without the expensive keyword indexes that burden other log management solutions.
  • The brute power of a massively parallel compute cluster, consisting of thousands of CPUs in the cloud. Unlike other solutions, Scalyr brings the combined compute resources of every server in its cloud cluster to bear on each and every query.

As a result, Scalyr provides query performance of 1.2 TB/second. Customers report speed increases ranging from 10x to 1000x over their traditional log management tools.

New Hires and Promotions to Meet Increased Demand

To accommodate its rapid growth, Scalyr has hired at a rapid pace across the organization, while scaling its sales team to cover its U.S. and overseas businesses across the enterprise, commercial, and SMB business segments. Jamie Barnett, formerly chief marketing officer of cloud security leader Netskope, has joined the company as its chief customer officer responsible for customer success, customer support, and marketing. Kathleen Estreich has been promoted to vice president of operations responsible for people operations, finance, and legal functions. Prior to joining Scalyr, Estreich served as chief of staff to the CEO of Intercom, the leading provider of customer engagement software.

About Scalyr

Built by engineers for engineers, Scalyr is the blazing fast log management platform for the DevOps front line. Unlike traditional log management tools built for IT cost centers, only Scalyr is architected for revenue-generating software. With Scalyr, DevOps can go fast, keep things simple, and empower their teams. With a purpose-built, NoSQL, no-keyword-index database and the full power of its massively parallel cloud compute cluster, Scalyr is the fastest log management platform in the industry. Scalyr search speeds exceed one terabyte per second, and 96 percent of queries complete in less than one second. Scalyr's rapidly-growing customer base includes Business Insider, CareerBuilder, Grab, Wistia, and Zalando.


Julie O'Grady

Release Summary

Scalyr is the blazing fast log management platform for the DevOps front line. DevOps finally gets log management that’s fast, simple, and shareable.


Julie O'Grady