Jungle Disk Acquires TeamPassword to Expand Data Security Suite

Accelerates Secure Collaboration Between Small Businesses and Customers

Jungle Disk acquires TeamPassword, the password manager for connected teams. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN ANTONIO--()--Jungle Disk today announced it has acquired TeamPassword, the password manager for connected teams, to simplify password management security. The addition of TeamPassword to the Jungle Disk product portfolio gives small businesses a data security tool to help generate secure unique passwords and share access to applications and services enabling users to be more productive during work collaboration.

A recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations report finds that 81 percent of hacking-related breaches take place because of stolen or weak passwords. As businesses move to using more cloud-based services, the number of accounts and passwords each person needs to maintain is continuing to increase over time. Securely managing and sharing all of your business’s internal and client passwords for different websites, accounts and marketing tools can drive complexity and impact productivity without an easy-to-use password management service like TeamPassword.

“Given the high percentage of data breaches being caused by stolen or weak passwords, password management is critical to a business’s data security plan and eliminating potential cybersecurity risks,” said Bret Piatt, CEO at Jungle Disk. “With the acquisition of TeamPassword, we are pleased to offer our customers a simple password manager to ensure they are filling in this critical component to data security while also offering additional productivity and collaboration benefits. Jungle Disk’s mission is to partner with small businesses to ensure that they have the proper data protection technologies and best practices in place to ensure that they do not fall victim to a cyberattack or accident.”

TeamPassword is a cloud-based service to manage and share passwords via the web, desktop, laptop, mobile devices with browser extensions to allow for a seamless, one-click access to logins simplifying your daily workflow. Users can add new employees and clients in just two steps, remove access with one step, and integrate with their Google G Suite authentication. Team Password enables you to protect your business critical data with strong password generation and secure encryption. The offering is available in four plans, including:

  • Starter - The starter plan is for up to five users and costs $15 a month or $150 yearly.
  • Standard - The standard plan is for up to 15 users and costs $30 a month or $300 yearly.
  • Plus - The plus plan is for up to 30 users and costs $60 a month or $600 yearly.
  • Premium - The premium plan is for up to 50 users and costs $100 a month or $1,000 yearly.

“I’m excited for TeamPassword to join forces with Jungle Disk,” said Brian Sierakowski, CEO of TeamPassword. “Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud-based tools to get their jobs done, which is great for productivity, but now small businesses have a huge password management issue. The average TeamPassword customer has 147 passwords to manage within their business, our mission at TeamPassword to make it dead simple to make sure the right people have access, and the wrong people don’t. Jungle Disk is the perfect home for us given our shared values and focus on providing critical productivity and security services to small business.”

TeamPassword began in September of 2012 at a Startup Weekend event in Baltimore, Maryland. Sierakowski entered the event and took first place of the 15 competing teams. Since that weekend, TeamPassword has grown to serve thousands while expanding its feature set. A few features to highlight include support for all major browsers, Google Sign In, and account activity logging, and email collaboration workflows.

To learn more about the addition of TeamPassword to the Jungle Disk data security suite, visit the Jungle Disk Blog. Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

Supporting Customer Quotes:

"As a marketing agency managing dozens of online accounts for dozens of clients, TeamPassword has made our jobs easier by not only centralizing hundreds of passwords but also making logins incredibly fast when switching between multiple accounts," said Matt Lee, president and marketing director at Adhere Creative. "TeamPassword truly saves us valuable time every single day."

"As a provider of PR and marketing services, ARPR needed to find a secure, yet easy-to-use password security tool that could protect the integrity of our client's passwords," said Evan Goldberg, vice president of client service at ARPR. "TeamPassword was the only vendor that fulfilled all of our needs in addition to having the most responsive customer service. We are very pleased with Team Password, and our clients are thankful for such an investment."

“As a fast growing software company we couldn't run ProfitWell without TeamPassword - it's crucial to making sure the right team members have secure access to the tools they need to do their jobs and hit the ground running,” said Patrick Campbell, co-founder and CEO at Price Intelligently. “We recently on-boarded a new (marketing) team member and they were blown away by how easy it was to get up and running on all of our key accounts using TeamPassword.”

"TeamPassword is an easy-to-use password management tool that helps make our entire agency team more efficient," said Noah Berk, co-founder at obo. Agency. "Instead of wasting time chasing passwords or worrying about who has access to which password, we can focus on our customers' goals and identifying the right mix of sales and marketing strategies to help meet their needs."

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Jungle Disk
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