Cambridge Semantics Partners with CData Software to Provide SQL Access to Graph-Based Smart Data Lake® Solutions

Technology partnership opens up SQL ecosystem to advantages of graph technology

BOSTON--()--Cambridge Semantics and CData Software today announced a technology partnership to provide SQL query access to a code-free, graph-based, big data management and analytics environment. With graph technology becoming increasingly popular in today’s data-driven organizations, this partnership opens an entirely new option to the SQL user community, who will now be able to use their existing query skills and familiar data access tools to access far richer integrations of diverse data sources.

“We are excited about our partnership with CData Software as this helps solve a huge industry problem in ensuring that SQL users don’t get left behind when it comes to accessing graphs,” said Steve Dischinger, vice president of business development, Cambridge Semantics. “Data has become a strategic asset for enterprises and we believe that the data model of the future will be based on graph. As our customers look to analyze data that is increasingly inter-connected and linked, we want them to be able to leverage their existing database query skills.”

“The world relies on SQL, and we believe that CData Software’s vision of ‘seeing the world as a database’ will help accelerate the adoption of enterprise knowledge graphs as well as simplify the integration of business intelligence, machine learning and AI applications,” said Dischinger.

“Our universally supported driver technologies provide a ubiquitous bridge between data and a greater ecosystem of analytics and integration tools,” said Amit Sharma, CEO of CData Software. "We are excited to work with Cambridge Semantics to bring these technologies to the Anzo Smart Data Lake platform, simplifying the process for end users to work with their data in a graph-based environment."

CData Software specializes in the development of drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to online or on-premise applications, databases, and SaaS APIs. Leveraging its high-performance query engine, CData Software will develop new ODBC and JDBC drivers for Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo Smart Data Lake® (SDL) 4.0, the company’s flagship platform based on open standards that builds a semantic layer at scale on all enterprise data. By providing Structured Query Language (SQL) access to SDL, the new drivers will enable an even broader range of users to extract reusable knowledge graphs at unprecedented high rates of speed in their own business language.

The two companies will both be exhibiting at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018 March 5-8 in Grapevine, Texas. Cambridge Semantics will be located at Booth 215 and CData will be welcoming customers and prospects at Booth 1104.

About CData Software

CData Software (, is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions specializing in the development of standard drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to on-line or on-premise Applications, Databases, and Web APIs.

About Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics Inc., The Smart Data Company®, is a big data management and enterprise analytics software company that offers a universal semantic layer to connect and bring meaning to all enterprise data. Its software, the Anzo Smart Data Lake®, allows IT departments and their business users to semantically link, analyze and manage diverse data whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, with speed, at big data scales and at the fraction of the implementation costs of using traditional approaches.

Cambridge Semantics is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

For more information visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: @CamSemantics.


Global Results Communications for Cambridge Semantics
Mike Kilroy/Lora Wilson, +1 949-608-0276

Release Summary

Cambridge Semantics partners with CData Software to open SQL ecosystem to advantages of graph-based Smart Data Lake solutions.


Global Results Communications for Cambridge Semantics
Mike Kilroy/Lora Wilson, +1 949-608-0276