LetinAR Co., Ltd. Attends MWC 2018 with Newly Developed Optic Technology to Breakthrough Limits of Augmented Reality

(Left) LetinAR Prototype Glasses (Right) LetinAR Pin Mirror Lens Module (Photo: Business Wire)

SEOUL, South Korea--()--A startup company LetinAR challenges to Augmented Reality industry at MWC 2018 with novel Pin Mirror technology.

Multiple Augmented Reality Glasses which are considered as a major candidate for next-generation wearable devices have been released for last few years by tech-giants such as Google and Microsoft. However, over-sized form factor and weight, a cause of dizziness, limited resolution are considered as difficulties for commercialization. In spite of various attempts, the limits stand unresolved because of complicated optical systems making it more difficult for mass production.

This year, LetinAR Co., Ltd. attending MWC for the first time challenges long-standing problems of Augmented Reality by introducing novel optical technology.

The technology of LetinAR provides 70 degrees of Field of View, which has never been achieved before in a size of a pair of normal glasses. A manufacturer can extend Field of View (FOV) effectively by arranging more pin mirrors in a single lens.

The LetinAR Pin Mirror Lens projects users a sharp image from a range of 25cm to, theoretically infinity on human eye in complete focus which allows the device to be used for long hours in comfort without dizziness. The Super-Thin Pin Mirror Lens allows for it to be fitted with much thinner devices compared to the ones with half-mirrors and light-guides. Also, the simple structure of injection molded plastic lenses which enables trouble-free mass production will advance the period to the commercialization of Augmented Reality.

At MWC 2018, the quadrupled high-resolution demos compared to CES 2018 will be revealed, and by arranging a private meeting, client companies, investment companies, and cooperative companies will be introduced to current developing next-generation lenses.

MWC 2018
For more information, please visit LetinAR’s presence at: 5G31, Hall 5 Fira de Barcelona and http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/mobile-world-congress-2018/letinar-co-ltd/.

About LetinAR
LetinAR (www.LetinAR.com) is a startup which endeavors to lead the future of Augmented Reality based on several know-hows and patents about brand-new optical solutions.

Augmented Reality glasses we’ve created at LetinAR, is thin enough and small enough to be worn like a pair of conventional eyeglasses. Users can see the sharp and clear virtual image and real image at the same time with our glasses.

LetinAR Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2016 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Release Summary

LetinAR Co., Ltd. attends MWC 2018 with newly developed optic technology to breakthrough limits of Augmented Reality.