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BizVibe Examines the World of MarTech in 2018 (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--The digital marketing landscape is changing and expanding at an alarming rate — since 2011, 4,850 new marketing technology companies have been created globally. In order for any business to remain successful in their industry, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new marketing trends and technologies. The latest on BizVibe’s blog shares tips, tricks, and secrets into the promising environment of digital marketing technology, also known as MarTech.

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MarTech Simplifies Marketing for Global Industries

The current value of MarTech sits at USD 34 billion, and 50% of brands still say all their marketing needs are not met by current technologies. This coupled with a rise in marketing budgets by 10% across most industries leaves a great opportunity for those looking to break into or utilize marketing technology.

Creating connections with clients, whether B2B or B2C, is becoming increasingly digitized, and this plays a large role in the growth of new and innovative marketing technology platforms. More companies are heading online to find suppliers, which makes it a prime environment to lay one’s marketing seeds.

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MarTech Stacks Becoming More Intelligent

Building a cohesive MarTech stack is vital for any company to reach its goals. It’s now easier than ever to create a successful and unified digital marketing experience by following 6 simple steps. There are a few crucial Do’s and Don'ts that will define the success (or failure) of a custom-built MarTech stack. Knowing whether to buy or build and what to include, all comes down to the objective.

Marketing Technology Spending Now Beats Average Advertising Spending

Everything revolves around data in the MarTech world, which is why BizVibe has curated the most influential statistics surrounding MarTech. Learn more about these important MarTech statistics to keep up with the trends that will help industries make better decisions when choosing the right marketing technologies.

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About BizVibe

The exclusive focus of BizVibe’s platform is to make networking easier. Through years of experience and trial-and-error, BizVibe’s experts have discovered how to seamlessly connect businesses and enable trade. We get it. The first interaction can be heavy with the uncertainty of finding a potential partner vs. a potential nightmare. With this in mind, we’ve designed an online B2B networking platform that includes a robust set of tools to help companies generate leads, shortlist prospects, network, and trade seamlessly with businesses from around the world.

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Sony Gomes
Media & Marketing Executive

Release Summary

BizVibe examines the sophisticated world of MarTech in 2018. Tips, tricks and the secrets needed to successfully utilize marketing technology.


Sony Gomes
Media & Marketing Executive