Website Builder Expert: Which US State is the Most Loved-Up?

AUSTIN--()--New research by Website Builder Expert has revealed the most loved-up states in America, with Hawaii taking the top spot.

The new study cross-references six data points: average marriage rates, average divorce rates, percentage of single-person households, average Valentine’s Day spend by state, percentage of people never married and Valentine’s Day google trend data to reveal the most loved-up states in the US.

With one of the lowest divorce rates, a high marriage rate and a low percentage of single-person households, Hawaii has been crowned the no.1 most loved-up state. Hawaiians’ Valentine’s Day spend of $208 is more than double the average American’s ($94) and couples here appear to be the most loved-up of all.

With one of the lowest marriage rates and highest percentages of single person households, Vermont has come bottom of the study as the least loved-up state in America.

Interestingly, four of the top ten wealthiest US states by average household income - Virginia, New Jersey, California and Hawaii - all scored in the top ten most loved-up states.

With a low marriage rate but high Valentine’s Day spend, the research suggests that despite being commitment-phobes, New Yorkers are the biggest valentine’s spenders. 38% of New Yorkers have never been married, suggesting that it’s home to a multitude of singles splashing the cash in the hope of finding love.

The study also suggests that there is more love in the (sea) air as all of the top three most loved-up states - Hawaii, Texas and California - are along the American coastline. Hawaii, Texas and California all have a low number of single-person households and average Valentine’s Day spends that far exceed the national average.

Top Ten

1. Hawaii

2. Texas

3. California

4. North Dakota

5. New Jersey

6. Utah

7. Idaho

8. Washington

9. Virginia

10. Arizona

Bottom Ten

41. South Dakota

42. Alabama

43. New Mexico

44. Massachusetts

45. Louisiana

46. Connecticut

47. Wisconsin

48. Rhode Island

49. Maine

50. Vermont

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For Website Builder Expert
Rachel Thompson


For Website Builder Expert
Rachel Thompson