SmartPicture Technologies Releases Software Development Kit for Its PLNAR App

The PLNAR SDK enables companies to easily integrate augmented reality dimensioning technology into existing mobile platforms

AUSTIN, Texas--()--SmartPicture Technologies, a dimensioning intelligence platform powering the best 3-D modeling experiences, announced today it has released a software development kit (SDK) for its augmented reality dimensioning app, PLNAR. Since its launch alongside iOS11 and ARKit in September 2017, PLNAR has been downloaded more than 200,000 times, and users have created a total of 40,000 projects.

The SDK serves as customers’ primary entry point to using PLNAR’s AR measurement capabilities and cloud integration features in their own apps or cloud platforms. Its release comes after the launch of a suite of PLNAR membership options for professionals, primarily in the home renovation, interior design and insurance industries.

“After listening to feedback from our professional users, we saw an opportunity to provide existing enterprises with a quick, easy way to implement AR dimensioning technology into their business models without requiring additional, extensive and costly iOS development,” said Andy Greff, CEO of SmartPicture Technologies and creator of the PLNAR app. “PLNAR helps companies close more opportunities by empowering their customers to measure spaces themselves.”

The all-in-one SDK—built for home improvement retailers, furniture providers, interior designers, online home product companies and others that require dimensioning capability—integrates seamlessly into existing business applications and empowers business partners to:

  • Condense development time from months or years to weeks;
  • Create their own branded solutions with a fully realized, customizable user interface to be “virtually there” for their customers;
  • Streamline user friction during the data capture process;
  • Measure objects, rooms, walls, windows, doors, islands and floors in 2-D and 3-D;
  • Easily plug into any sales process to assist customers as they are browsing products and determining space;
  • Self-configure the app, which was designed for AR with non-technical end users in mind;
  • Connect to PLNAR algorithms and APIs in the cloud.

“The PLNAR SDK will allow us to quickly implement AR technology into our existing Genpact Inspection Assistant product and stay at the forefront of emerging digital technology while continuing to redefine the insurance claims experience,” said Tim Schneider, business leader, Genpact. “By digitizing the dimensioning experience, we have created new efficiencies in how end users utilize our product and as a result, we’ve optimized the time that our inspectors spend onsite.”

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About SmartPicture Technologies

SmartPicture Technologies is a venture-backed startup based in Austin, Texas. SmartPicture takes the traditional truck-and-tape measure estimation and claims process and replaces it with an augmented reality-powered SaaS dimensioning solution.


for SmartPicture Technologies
Brooke Boriack, 512-551-9253


for SmartPicture Technologies
Brooke Boriack, 512-551-9253