StaffKeep™ Becomes the First Payroll Onboarding App in the QuickBooks™ App Store

StaffKeep™ is helping small businesses simplify and secure their employee onboarding process with QuickBooks™ Intuit Payroll.

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--()--Today, launches in the QuickBooks™ App Store to help small businesses simplify and secure their employee onboarding process. The app allows any employer using QuickBooks Online Payroll to invite employees to fill out their start paperwork online.

Before their first day of work, employees fill out a secure profile at, and then complete and digitally sign their onboarding forms including Dept. of Homeland Security I-9 and IRS W-4 forms.

“One of my biggest headaches as a small business owner was getting new employees set up in payroll and then turned on in all my cloud-based software apps. I created StaffKeep to automate that process and make it more secure,” said Jason Richelson, Founder of StaffKeep.

In addition, with a click of a button, business owners can instantly provision accounts on all their cloud-based software tools from a single dashboard. That means new employees can be quickly turned on for email and productivity tools with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite as well as Slack, HipChat, Dropbox, and many more.

StaffKeep is the first HR app in the QuickBooks App Store to securely capture payroll information directly from the employee and add that employee to QuickBooks. Using StaffKeep, businesses can say goodbye to capturing and manually entering sensitive personal information from paper.

In addition to digitizing the onboarding process, StaffKeep also optimizes the process when employees leave. With one click, the business owner can turn off access to all the company’s cloud-based tools, which both saves money (as they usually forget to turn off these unused accounts) and increases the security of a company’s data.

You can sign up for StaffKeep at and add the app to your QuickBooks at

About StaffKeep™ Inc. is committed to simplifying and securing the process of onboarding employees for small businesses. Not one to just build software for others, Founder Jason Richelson, who also created and, uses StaffKeep for his wine store in New York City. Visit to learn more, and follow them @staffkeep on Twitter.

Contacts Inc.
Jason Richelson, 347-396-0444

Contacts Inc.
Jason Richelson, 347-396-0444