Lumzag to Unveil the World’s Most Secure Backpack at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

LOS ANGELES--()--Lumzag Inc, the developer and creator of Lumzag Smart Backpack, is heading to CES to unveil the world’s most secure backpack. The combination of security, convenience and innovative features is what makes Lumzag one-of-a-kind backpack in the market.

“Despite of backpacks abundance flooding the market none of them offers more than one smart feature”, says Lumzag Founder Armen Poghosyan. “That’s the reason we have started to develop Lumzag. We are excited to create a product that not only makes people’s life easier satisfying requirements they place on backpacks nowadays, but also gives them peace of mind. Our mission is to make people worry less and feel secure, which is very important in our stressful, hectic life”.

Lumzag Smart Backpack developers took security to the next level to give people the peace of mind and confidence that they will never forget their daily belongings and have them safely protected wherever they go.

Lumzag’s security features include:

  • Global tracking for locating backpack
  • Remote anti-theft alarm activated via mobile app
  • Security alert to notify owner that someone opens the backpack
  • Keeping track of what you have in the backpack and notifications sent to the mobile app if something is left behind
  • Built-in back camera to know what’s going on behind

Lumzag combines innovation features and technologically advanced solutions aimed at reducing hassle in people’s lives.

  • Power bank to charge mobile devices wirelessly
  • Solar panel to capture some of the sun’s energy
  • Global Wi-Fi hotspot to stay connected wherever you are
  • Light inside of the backpack to easily find what you need in the dark

For safety and convenience Lumzag features:

  • Reflective stripes to be seen at night
  • Stand up technology ensuring that stuff in the backpack is right side up
  • Multiple storage compartments to stay better organized
  • Straps with colored silicon edges and detachable waist belt

Lumzag is stylish and is suitable for daily commute, business meetings and travel.

About Lumzag

Lumzag Inc. is the creator and developer of Lumzag Smart Backpack which addresses increased demands for security and comfort. Currently, the company is preparing to launch crowdfunding campaign. The date will be announced soon.


Natalie Ghoukassian
PR & Communications Strategist

Release Summary

Lumzag Inc, the developer and creator of Lumzag Smart Backpack headed to CES 2018 to unveil the world’s most secure backpack.


Natalie Ghoukassian
PR & Communications Strategist