Working with Better Mortgage Means Borrowers Can Beat Cash Offers

Digital lender goes local and launches sixth appraisal panel in Atlanta

NEW YORK--()--Better Mortgage, a digital mortgage company working to improve access to home financing through transparency, honest guidance and zero commissions, today announced the launch of its sixth appraisal panel in Atlanta, Georgia. The appraisal panel allows Better to bring more speed and transparency to potential homebuyers in this increasingly hot housing market.

In other cities where Better has local appraisal panels, like in Denver and the Bay area, the firm is able to appraise a property before a borrower even makes an offer, giving the home shopper the option to compete with cash offers and waive contingencies in their purchase contract. Plus, when the offer is accepted, Better can close in as little as 14 days for borrowers who have been fully underwritten prior to making their contingency-free offer. Also, borrowers can be confident they are getting the most affordable loan product with the Better Price Guarantee.

“This new generation of homeowners needs an edge -- 98% of millennial buyers need to finance their purchase, but they live in cities with limited inventory and are often beat out by all-cash offers,” according to Better CEO, Vishal Garg. “Our appraisal panels make our digital company hyper local and help us level the playing field for first-time homeowners in communities where they want to put down roots. No other lender, local or otherwise, offers this option.”

In Seattle, for example, Better Mortgage is now helping today’s homebuyers beat cash offers even with less than 20% down. “One of our customers, a 33-year old home care training manager, was only able to put 6% down on his Seattle dream home,” shares Eric Wilson, Better Mortgage’s Head of Strategic Partnerships. “This could have made it difficult for him to stand out from cash buyers, but because Better was able to fully underwrite the borrower and perform the appraisal before the offer was made, he decided to waive both the financing and appraisal contingencies and won the home with the help of his FlyHomes agent. Plus, he was able to close on his home in only 11 days, faster than many Seattle cash buyers.”

How to make a Better Offer in Atlanta:

  • Get a verified pre-approval letter to be fully underwritten prior to finding a home
  • Upon finding a home, enter the address on
  • A local panel appraiser will schedule an inspection prior to the borrower making an offer.
  • A dedicated non-commissioned Loan Consultant will contact the sellers agent guaranteeing the financing for the purchase
  • Upon completion of the appraisal, consult with an agent to determine if waiving the mortgage or appraisal contingency can help the offer stand out
  • Once the offer has been accepted, lock in a rate and take advantage of the Better Price Guarantee

About Better: Better Mortgage is a direct lender dedicated to providing a fast, transparent digital mortgage experience, backed by superior customer support designed to put the customer back in control of the home buying or refinancing process. From their offices in New York City, Better is using technology to change the way people finance their homes, for the better.


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Better Mortgage
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