Bidgely Surpasses 10 Million Homes Under Contract With Utilities for Energy Disaggregation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Bidgely has crossed over a milestone of 10 million homes under contract, now providing disaggregation solutions to 25 leading utilities across 12 countries, including Origin Energy Limited, NV Energy, and Innogy. The company exceeded its goal of two million homes served by mid-2017 with multiple rollouts, including a usage alert program with one of the largest utilities in the U.S.

“Origin aspires to lead the Australian market in providing customers with greater insight and control over their home energy use,” said Tony Lucas, Executive General Manager, Origin. “We chose to work with Bidgely because of their leadership in disaggregation technology and their user friendly platform which we have been able to tailor to our customer’s needs.”

At the foundation of the Bidgely Platform V3 is a vast, global dataset of disaggregated home energy usage itemized by individual appliances. The platform’s database consists of over 50 billion individual meter readings, representing one billion days of disaggregation and 1.8 billion daily usage profiles. This dataset is used to power an expanding suite of functionality, including:

  • Universal Disaggregation for 100% load itemization across all homes regardless of meter type (including non-smart meters)
  • Alerts for meaningful touchpoints via email and SMS
  • Audits and surveys which are pre-filled via disaggregation
  • Data Services to enable utilities to add itemization and insights to existing properties

Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta commented, “With ten million homes scheduled to be served by our platform, we’re proud to be the leading vendor for disaggregation technology. In addition, we’re thrilled that our utility partners are seeing deeper engagement results and an overall experience of customer delight.”

Examples of utility results to date include:

  • 95 percent positive response rate to alerts
  • 46 percent email open rate (twice the industry average)
  • 78 percent agreement that disaggregation services are a step forward in their utility service

About Bidgely

Bidgely is transforming the way utility customers use energy. By combining the power of SaaS-based analytics with omni-channel interactions, Bidgely provides personalized and actionable insights that help customers save energy and enable utilities to build enduring customer relationships. The company works with utilities serving residential customers worldwide. For more information, please visit or the Bidgely blog at


Technica Communications for Bidgely
Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 408-806-9626


Technica Communications for Bidgely
Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 408-806-9626