Carnegie Learning Offers Unique Opportunity for Students to Get Ahead with MATHia Adaptive Learning Platform

New “Get Ahead” Package prepares students for success on ACT, SAT, MAP and end-of-year assessments

PITTSBURGH--()--Carnegie Learning, Inc., a research-proven leader of mathematics technology, curriculum and services, announced a new “Get Ahead” offering of MATHia, the world’s best math learning platform, to help prepare students for success on end-of-year assessments.

MATHia provides a 1:1 personalized learning experience for every student. It supports students in grades 6-12 at all skill levels, meeting each student exactly where they are. Problems are delivered based on what a student knows and doesn’t know, which customizes the experience to be unique for each student.

In addition to ongoing classroom support, MATHia supports students with ACT, SAT, MAP and other state assessments. Carnegie Learning is currently offering a special discounted “Get Ahead" Package to help teachers prepare their students for success at the end of the year. Over the next four months, teachers are provided with targeted assessment alignments, making it easy to prepare students for their specific exam. Students enjoy ongoing math learning while focusing on the exact skills they need to build.

The Get Ahead Package includes:

  • Alignments customized to your specific assessment
  • Innovative Professional Learning to ensure a successful implementation
  • Ongoing support throughout the year

MATHia is the only math software solution that offers:

Smarter Adaptivity

Built on cognitive science, MATHia goes beyond knowing simply whether an answer is right or wrong. It looks at the entire process a student takes to solve a problem to understand why they arrived at their answer and help them master each skill successfully.

Continuous Formative Assessment

MATHia assesses while it works with each student, measuring their skill development in real time based on how their learning progresses, so teachers don’t need to continually pull their students out of instruction time to assess them.

Powerful, Actionable Data

MATHia provides easy-to-use reports that give teachers insight into class and individual students' progress. Data from these reports create action — whether determining how many students are mastering standards, grouping students into smaller learning groups, or facilitating teacher-student conferencing. Leadership Reports give administrators ongoing insight into student, classroom, school and district progress toward learning goals.

Predictive Analytics

The APLSE Report in MATHia looks at every step the student has taken and predicts, very accurately, where they’ll end up at the end of the year. Teachers can then adjust instruction to get students back on track before it’s too late.

“We’re offering schools a special opportunity to get MATHia into the hands of students, and making sure they are successful by including professional learning and implementation support,” says Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning.

“Born from cognitive science and developed by some of the top math minds in the country, MATHia is uniquely positioned to help teachers supplement their instruction with truly personalized 1:1 learning,” says Dr. Steve Ritter, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Carnegie Learning. "It is based in research, and we conduct ongoing research to improve our ability to meet the needs of teachers and students."

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Carnegie Learning is a transformational mathematics education company focused on delivering better mathematics learning to all teachers and students. Through research-proven software, textbooks, and professional learning and data analysis services, Carnegie Learning is helping students to succeed in mathematics as a gateway to graduation, college, and the 21st century workforce. Carnegie Learning, headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh, is the sole source provider of MATHia® Software for students in grades 6–12 and Mika® Software for college students in need of developmental mathematics support. Carnegie Learning®, MATHia®, Mika®, Globaloria®, and LONG + LIVE + MATH™ are registered trademarks of Carnegie Learning, Inc.


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Release Summary

Carnegie Learning offers a “Get Ahead” Package to prepare students for success on end-of-year assessments with the MATHia adaptive learning platform.


Carnegie Learning
April Boland, 888-851-7094 x420