Supplement Startup Momentous Launches First Product Line Developed with NBA, NFL, NHL Experts

Momentous targets protein powder industry with NSF-certified products, disruptive, hyper-transparent approach and direct to consumer model

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JACKSON HOLE, Wyo.--()--Momentous, a performance supplement company, today announced the public launch of its first product line following more than a year of rigorous development with elite trainers and dietitians from all four major leagues and top Division 1 programs. Driven by science, consumed by transparency, and grounded in experience, Momentous was created to change the world of supplements. Their mission is to create the highest-quality professional grade performance products, using only top-grade ingredients tested by world class sports lab testing and product certification and make them accessible to everyone.

Their first release is a line of NSF-Certified protein powders including AbsoluteZero, a pure whey isolate, and two complete recovery formulas: RedShift, for endurance training, and ArcFire, for strength training. Initially available to their major league clients exclusively, products will now be available through for either one-time purchase or using one of the highly flexible subscription plans available.

“Every single aspect of the products was specified by our performance experts,” said founder Matt Wan. “They were incredibly specific. We told them we wanted to build something that put performance above all else — to the exclusion of all other considerations. From there we just let ‘em off the leash — no budget, no limits — you guys name it, and we’ll build it.”

Momentous seeks to differentiate their products through hyper-premium sourcing and transparency. Their protein line is built around a German, cold-processed, grass-fed whey isolate. This and every other source will be available for detailed dissection on the company’s website, as well as presented on packages in the precise ratios in which they are delivered. All this information is verified by two third-party testing agencies, Informed Sport and NSF, who verify label accuracy and safety for those athletes that are subject to anti-doping regulations.

Momentous grew out of Wan’s personal experience as an athlete and what he describes as an “obsession with becoming the best version of myself.” Growing up between the worlds of professional athletes and venture capital, Wan was deeply exposed to high-performance lifestyles, and before finishing high-school looked to create a brand to serve that mentality, and a business in an industry he saw as ripe for disruption.

“If you wanted to buy a car, but the dealer wouldn’t tell you if it had ever been crash tested or even what kind of engine it had, you probably wouldn’t buy it,” he said. “So, it just struck me as wrong, almost strange, that so many people could tell me everything about the wine they drank once a month, but almost nothing about the supplements they take every day.”

Just as he pursued elite dietitians to formulate the products, the drive to create a consumer brand led him to seek out Rob Dyrdek, whom he knew not just as a former athlete but as an expert brand builder and storyteller. Dyrdek and Wan immediately hit it off, and Momentous was born.

“Momentous was built from pure passion, with a rock-solid foundation of expert knowledge and science,” Dyrdek said. “I immediately knew this was something that was going to help people reach their goals. Matt is a true Do-or-Dier entrepreneur and had a clear vision for creating a company with the highest-quality products that high-performance individuals need to be their best.”

About Momentous

Momentous is a performance nutrition company driven by science, consumed by transparency, and grounded in experience. Working in exclusive collaboration with elite dietitians and trainers from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA Division 1, the company engineers and distributes high-performance products using the highest-quality ingredients available. The entire product line is tested for the highest-informed sports certification, and distributed direct-to-consumer with the highest level of supply chain and ingredient transparency. Momentous supplements are designed to be suitable for a professional athlete, yet accessible to everyone. High performance perfected.

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Supplement Startup Momentous Disrupts Market with Launch of Their First Product Line Developed by NBA, NFL, NHL Experts.


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