Lunera Announces Ambient Compute Partner Ecosystem to Enable Context-Aware Applications

11 Initial Partners Include Leaders in Real-Time Location Services, IoT Networking and Energy Management

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Lunera, an IoT infrastructure company, today announced the Ambient Compute Ecosystem, a wide range of technology partners to ensure seamless integration of their applications and technologies with the Lunera Ambient Compute software platform [see today’s corresponding announcement here]. Applications and technologies include real-time location-based services, IoT networking, employee engagement, parking reservations and services, and energy management.

To date, applications being deployed across large-scale indoor settings—from indoor wayfinding, asset and people tracking, proximity messaging and marketing, to space utilization, Wi-Fi monitoring and occupancy-based HVAC control—have been slow to gain traction due to barriers around infrastructure scale, maintenance, upgrades, power requirements, and cost to deploy and manage.

The Lunera Ambient Compute software platform can create a fog and edge cloud that is uniquely omnipresent, dense and always powered. Lunera’s software platform is based on industry standards, open protocols, and robust APIs that allow developers to create context-aware applications, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, that run in and between the cloud, the edge and the device itself. The Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace provides new opportunities for developers and technology partners to create and monetize a new generation of applications and rich experiences for customers.

“Fundamentally, we’re changing how people think about problems and how they approach solutions,” said John Bruggeman, CEO, Lunera. “We see today’s devices and services evolving from just things into a state that surrounds us, into a platform that informs us, an intelligence that empowers us, and an ambience that transforms our every interaction and experience. The limitless potential of our vision for ambient computing will come to life through our partner ecosystem and the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace of applications and services.”

Initial Ambient Compute Ecosystem partners include:

  • AESC: Alternative Energy Systems Consulting
  • BuildingIQ: Optimize Energy, Increase Comfort and Improve Operations
  • CNXT: Commerce, Parking and Payments
  • ENGAGEcx: Connected Customer Engagement
  • GreenLight IoT: Trailblazing Smart Building Integrations with Excellence™
  • Gridium: Big Data Energy Analytics and M&V
  • Professional Real-time Indoor Positioning and Navigation
  • Kiana: Location-based Analytics and Services
  • Lab Sensor Solutions: Real-time Tracking Solutions for Perishables
  • mCloud: Monitor, Analyze and Manage Critical Energy Assets
  • reelyActive: Real-time Location System (RTLS)

Innovation Partner At 2017 CoRE Tech Conference

Lunera is the Innovation Partner at CoRE Tech 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Nov. 14-15, 2017. The company will have the following presence at CoRE Tech 2017:

  • Sponsor the networking cocktail reception on Nov. 14 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Mission City Ballroom.
  • Showcase its technology at the Aruba HQ Smart Digital Workplace Tours (Nov. 14 from 9 a.m. to Noon, then 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.), and at booths 7 and 8.
  • CEO John Bruggeman will take the stage ahead of the IoT Enabled Smart Buildings and Campuses session on Nov. 15 at 9:35 a.m.

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About Lunera, Inc.

Lunera is an IoT infrastructure company that provides an ambient compute platform to connect billions of devices to the cloud. Lunera’s breakthrough approach enables context-aware, fully automated applications to run in and between the cloud, the edge and the device itself. A robust set of these applications such as indoor wayfinding, asset tracking, Wi-Fi monitoring, proximity messaging and space utilization are available in the Lunera Ambient Compute Marketplace. The company’s unique invention embeds sophisticated IoT-edge technology, networking, compute, sensors and controls capabilities, directly into each LED lamp. Light bulbs are well positioned for this paradigm shift due to its low cost of deployment through energy savings, ubiquity, density and always-on power. Lunera is redefining traditional LED lighting to catalyze change and realize the promise of ambient computing. For additional information, visit or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Lunera, Inc.
Danielle Hamel, 650-823-2757


Lunera, Inc.
Danielle Hamel, 650-823-2757