Nomad Health Launches The First Telemedicine Jobs Marketplace Nationwide

The healthcare technology startup launched by a team of doctors and serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan expands its healthcare jobs marketplace to include telemedicine opportunities.

Doctors nationwide can now apply to telemedicine jobs, which are digitally transforming healthcare delivery and helping to solve doctor shortages in the United States.

NEW YORK--()--Nomad Health, which operates the first online marketplace for freelance healthcare jobs, today announced that it has expanded into the rapidly growing telemedicine jobs market. After raising a $4 million Series A round in 2016, Nomad Health has launched its freelance platform for doctors and nurses, and now the company is broadening its innovative technology to connect doctors directly with telehealth employers - making it the first online marketplace for telemedicine jobs.

“Telemedicine is positively changing the way that healthcare is delivered in the U.S. It offers an incredibly promising solution to the difficult challenges of healthcare costs and access,” said Dr. Alexi G. Nazem, CEO and Co-Founder of Nomad Health, and a Harvard and Yale trained internal medicine doctor.

Founded in 2015 in New York City by a team of doctors and leading technologists, Nomad Health is simplifying the $15 billion temporary healthcare staffing industry in the United States. By removing third party recruitment brokers and directly connecting doctors and nurses to medical employers, the Nomad marketplace reduces costs, increases hiring quality, and speeds up the entire process for both sides of the healthcare marketplace. With over 25,000 clinicians already signed up to the streamlined platform and hundreds of medical employers actively hiring, Nomad Health has fast become a go-to new platform for matching clinicians to critical healthcare jobs coast-to-coast.

Telemedicine is an increasingly important mechanism to increase access to and reduce costs of care. The promise of telemedicine is especially valuable to areas that are suffering from critical doctor shortages. According to the U.S. Health Services and Resources Administration, over 65 million American currently live in “primary care deserts,” areas where access to primary care is either limited or non-existent.1 Today’s announced telemedicine expansion allows Nomad Health to help innovative telemedicine companies find and hire great doctors to serve patients remotely. Doctors now have a simple way to find and do clinical work from the comfort of their homes, and telemedicine companies, like American Well and First Stop Health, are using Nomad to hire more efficiently and effectively without middleman recruiters.

As for growth, telemedicine is projected to have seven million patient users by 2018 and to become a $36.2 billion industry as early as 2020.2 Approximately 90% of healthcare executives report that their organizations are already using or beginning to implement telehealth platforms, be they proprietary or one of the many independent services that have proliferated in recent years.3 Among consumers, 73% say they would discuss a health concern with a virtual doctor, and over half would use it for an annual physical exam.4

Nomad Health is already working with more than ten of the nation’s top providers of telemedicine, and the number of jobs on the platform has been growing quickly. Openings include tele-urgent care, teledermatology, and telepsychiatry jobs.

Roman, a new men’s health telemedicine company, has been a part of Nomad Health’s telemedicine beta. Roman Co-founder Zachariah Reitano has already found repeated success with Nomad.

“Nomad has been an incredible resource for us,” said Zachariah Reitano, Co-founder at Roman. “Not only is it an amazing product, but the physicians on the platform have gone above and beyond treating patients on Roman.”

For their part, doctors across the nation are enthusiastically seeking opportunities to contribute to the growing telemedicine movement, and increasingly they are using Nomad to join the remote workforce. One such physician is Dr. Patrick Kenney, who used Nomad to take a telemedicine position with Roman.

“I found Nomad Health on a simple Google search and the registration was easy,” said Dr. Kenney. “Once registered with my preferences, which were geared for telehealth positions, Roman popped up immediately. I applied, and within 24 hours, I was connected directly to the company.”

Another doctor, who was also placed at Roman through Nomad Health’s marketplace, shared the importance of the entry into telemedicine:

“Telemedicine is the future of healthcare change. Nomad Health helped me be part of that change," said Dr. Ghassan Fahel.

With high doctor and patient satisfaction rates for both ease-of-use and clinical outcomes, Nomad Health expects telemedicine to continue to grow substantially in popularity.

“Thanks to modern technology, doctors are returning to their roots and seeing patients at home. The comfort of easy access to high quality care is leading to extraordinarily high satisfaction for telemedicine doctors and their patients,” said Dr. Nazem, Nomad Health’s CEO and Co-founder. “Telemedicine is a win-win, and Nomad is so pleased to help drive this medical technology revolution forward.”

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Nomad Health is a technology company that is simplifying the $15 billion healthcare staffing industry. The company has built the first online marketplace that enables clinicians and the institutions that hire them to find each other and transact directly, without a broker. Nomad Health brings substantial cost savings, dynamic pricing, and a streamlined process to both sides of the market. Nomad is simple, modern healthcare staffing. Learn more at



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