Supercomputing Opening Plenary Announced: The Era of Smart Cities - Reimagining Urban Life with HPC

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The Era of Smart Cities - Reimagining Urban Life with HPC


When: Monday, November 13, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m. MT, Denver, Colorado Convention Center

Access: Open to anyone with a SC17 conference badge

What: The 21st Century is frequently referenced as the “Century of the City,” reflecting the unprecedented global migration into urban areas. Urban areas are driving and being affected by factors ranging from economics to health to energy to climate change. The notion of a “smart” city is one that recognizes the use and influence of technology in cities. It is the wave of the future only made possible by high performance computing (HPC).

This expert plenary panel will discuss emerging needs and opportunities suggesting an increasing role for HPC in cities, with perspectives from city government, planning and design, and embedded urban HPC systems.

Why: HPC is already playing a key role in helping cities pursue objectives of societal safety, efficient use of resources, and an overall better quality of life. Intelligent devices enabled with HPC “at the edge” have potential to optimize energy generation and delivery, emergency response or the flow of goods and services, and to allow urban infrastructures to adapt autonomously to changes and events such as severe storms or traffic congestion. Smart city technology can even improve food safety inspections and help identify children most at risk for lead poisoning.

HPC is supporting the creation of breakthrough computational models to make all of this possible. Hear from industry experts who are pioneers in making these life-changing realties happen today.

Moderator: Charlie Catlett, Director, Urban Center for Computation & Data, Argonne National Laboratory

Panelists: Debra Lam, Managing Director for Smart Cities & Inclusive Innovation, Georgia Tech; Michael Mattmiller, Chief Technology Officer, the City of Seattle; Pete Beckman, Co-Director, Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory


SC17 Communications
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Supercomputing Panel in Denver: How High Performance Computing is Impacting Smart Cities


SC17 Communications
Brian Ban, 773-454-7423