Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Launches New Surface-Mount Brushed Motor Driver IC

Supporting high-voltage and large-current drive for home-use robot vacuum cleaners and printers.

TOKYO--()--Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has broadened its line-up of small surface-mount brushed motor drivers with the addition of “TB67H420FTG,” which supports high-voltage, large-current drive for home-use robot vacuum cleaners, printers and other office equipment. Mass production starts today.

A high power drive is a basic requirement for the motors used in printers and other office equipment, banking terminals, cash dispensers, and home appliances that need high torque drive. As the scope of application increases, so too does the demand for downsizing and space-saving devices.

Realizing high-power brushed motor drives requires high-voltage output, which imposes demands on high-power motor drivers, and support for rush current, which is peculiar for brushed motors. Combination circuits, applying discrete components (MOSFET) with high-voltage and low on-resistance characteristics, are the usual solution. However, while this approach realizes high-power drive, it increases the component count and prevents motor downsizing.

TB67H420FTG support industry-leading high power drives[1], and contributes to space-saving by adopting a small surface-mount package. It can even control two brushed motors (50V, 4.5A / 2 channels), as it incorporates a dual bridge mode that can control each channel independently in the separated internal output unit.

In addition to these advances, and alongside essential built-in error detections for over temperature, over current, etc., the new driver also integrates a frequently requested error detection signal output function, which allows an external device to evaluate specified errors.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation positions TB67H420FTG as its flagship next-generation DC brushed motor driver, due to its high level capabilities in realizing high-voltage and large-current drive, and its wider range of applications as a result of its dual bridge mode and error detection signal output function.

Main Features

1. High-voltage and large-current drive
A high-voltage, large-current drive is achieved with Toshiba’s latest 130nm process technology. The built-in function of switching single bridge mode (ultra large-current drive of 9.0 A) and dual bridge mode (large-current drive of 4.5A / 2 channels) allows use in diverse applications.

2. Lower heat generation
Heat generation during motor driving is reduced by ultra-low on-resistance (TB67H420FTG: 0.17Ω (single bridge mode), 0.33Ω (dual bridge mode) (upper + lower: typ.)).

3. Small package
Packaging in a small and high-heat-radiation QFN package allows customers to simplify set and module heat dissipation design. It also realizes affordable solutions in terms of space and cost.

4. Built-in error detection circuits
A motor load open detection function is now incorporated, in addition to thermal shutdown, over-current protection, and under voltage lock out. Error status can be flagged to external devices by an error flag function, strengthening safety safeguards.


Main Specifications

Product name   TB67H420FTG
Control I/F Parallel input


50V, 9A or 50V, 4.5A / 2 channels
Package QFN48
Drive mode Forward rotation (CW), Reverse rotation (CCW), Brake (Short Brake), and Stop (OFF)
Other features

Switching function (Single bridge mode / Dual bridge mode)

Current limiter (Constant-current PWM control)

Error detection functions (thermal shutdown, over-current protection, under voltage lock out, and motor load open detection)

Error detection signal output function

Support the power-on sequence by the single power drive



[1]: As of October 30, 2017, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation survey.

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Release Summary

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage launches a surface-mount brushed motor driver suited for robot vacuum cleaners, printers and office equipment.


Media Inquiries:
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
Chiaki Nagasawa, +81-3-3457-4963
Digital Marketing Department