Pershing Square Releases Fourth in a Series of Questions for ADP

Reminds Shareholders about Live Webcast for ALL ADP Shareholders Tonight

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NEW YORK--()--Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. (“Pershing Square”) today released its fourth public question to ADP (NASDAQ: ADP).

Since our first presentation on August 17, 2017, ADP has yet to respond to the issues we have identified or the questions we have raised. Today, Pershing Square released the following question:


Competitors like Workday, Ultimate Software and Ceridian’s Dayforce have taken substantial market share at the expense of ADP, despite ADP spending significantly more on R&D. Why doesn’t ADP have a best-in-class product for the Enterprise market?

We have previously released three questions which the company has not answered. Those questions are:

Question 1 – September 20, 2017:

What are ADP’s margins in Employer Services by sub-segment (Small-Business (“SMB”), Mid-market, Enterprise, and International), excluding float and allocating corporate expenses?

  • Is ADP earning comparable margins to Paychex (~41%) in its SMB business? If so, that would imply 12% margins for the rest of Employer Services.

Question 2 – September 28, 2017:

When ADP owned Dealer Services, it aimed to produce just ~50bps of annual margin improvement. When Dealer Services was spun-off as CDK Global (NASDAQ: CDK) (“CDK”), it promptly identified an opportunity to double margins without negative consequence to CDK’s customers, shareholders or other stakeholders. Why was ADP not able to realize this opportunity when it owned CDK?

  • CDK achieved this improvement by engaging constructively with shareholders, hiring an outside consultant to evaluate its potential, and announcing a transformation plan – why won’t ADP do the same?

Question 3 – October 5, 2017:

Why is ADP’s labor productivity ~28% below its competitors’, particularly in light of its enormous scale advantage?

We ask that ADP respond to all four of these questions so shareholders can better understand ADP’s potential.

Pershing Square also today reminded investors that it will hold a live webcast tonight at 7:00 PM EDT at to discuss the opportunity for improvement at ADP.

The webcast is being held in the evening to give all shareholders – particularly retail shareholders and other individual investors – a chance to learn about the opportunity to improve efficiency, innovation and customer service at ADP in order to drive strong and stable growth, greater profits and long-term shareholder value.

During the webcast, Pershing Square CEO Bill Ackman will take questions from all shareholders.

Review all of Pershing Square’s weekly questions to shareholders here:

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