Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster

Rancher 2.0 technical preview makes it easier to use both self-managed and cloud-managed Kubernetes clusters

CUPERTINO, Calif.--()--Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced the availability of the technical preview of Rancher 2.0. This latest release makes it possible to manage all Kubernetes clusters under a single Rancher instance. Users can stand up and manage new Kubernetes clusters using the Rancher Kubernetes distribution or import existing Kubernetes clusters, including hosted container services such as Google Container Engine.

"Rancher is a key piece of our platform strategy, enabling us to take full advantage of the benefits of both Docker and Kubernetes," said Brad Linder, Cloud Native and Big Data Evangelist at SlingTV. "With Rancher 2.0, we are thrilled that the full Rancher experience will now extend to Kubernetes, allowing us to easily leverage all innovations, as well as the Kubernetes ecosystem, without the overhead of a full Platform Engineering organization."

Moving from an architecture built on Docker to Kubernetes

Rancher 1.0 is currently powering more than ten thousand Docker clusters, over a thousand of which are running Kubernetes. Beginning with Rancher 2.0, every cluster will now be based on Kubernetes. This makes it even easier for users to take advantage of the power of Kubernetes, as well as its rapidly growing ecosystem. By providing a simple and intuitive user experience built on Kubernetes, Rancher 2.0 will accelerate adoption of Kubernetes within the enterprise.

“The environment in which enterprises have to operate their applications gets more complex by the day,” said Holger Muller, VP and principal analyst for Constellation Research. “The complexity is furthered by their desire to build with new technologies – most prominently microservices and containers – and move to the public cloud. A solution making it easier for enterprises to manage the process as well as accelerate the adoption of these tools, is highly welcome and will catch the attention of DevOps teams and CxOs trying to address these challenges.”

New features in Rancher 2.0 include:

  • Manage Kubernetes everywhere: With cloud providers increasingly offering Kubernetes clusters as a service, users no longer need to create their own clusters. Rancher 2.0 enables users to manage existing Kubernetes clusters from cloud service providers like Google Container Engine (GKE), as well as clusters running on-premises.
  • Multi-cluster management: Rancher 2.0 provides centralized management of user authentication, monitoring and health checks to give IT administrators increased visibility and control. The container management platform leverages the sophisticated role based access control (RBAC) capabilities in Kubernetes to provide shared cluster and host access to users.
  • Improved user experience: The market-leading Rancher user experience has been significantly enhanced to bring the simplicity of Docker command line and the elegance of Docker Compose to Kubernetes. Users can now have the same experience they love on their laptop on production Kubernetes clusters.
  • Enriched application catalog: The Rancher catalog has been extended to support Docker Compose, Kubernetes templates and Helm charts, giving users access to even more containerized applications.

“The Rancher community and our partner ecosystem is incredibly active,” said Sheng Liang, CEO and co-founder of Rancher Labs. “Our team is fortunate to regularly receive feedback and requests on desired features and support items. In Rancher 2.0, we are dramatically improving Kubernetes support, making day-to-day Kubernetes use incredibly simple to accelerate adoption of Kubernetes in the enterprise.”

“With Canonical’s experience deploying Kubernetes on Ubuntu in the enterprise, we see first-hand the tremendous opportunity for Rancher 2.0 to solve container management at scale,” says Dustin Kirkland, VP of Product Development at Canonical. “We’re delighted to partner with Rancher Labs in combining Rancher, Kubernetes, and Ubuntu into an open application development platform for the agile, cloud native developer.”

For additional information on Rancher 2.0, and to learn more about Rancher Labs and the company’s suite of open source products, please visit www.rancher.com.

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About Rancher Labs

Rancher Labs builds innovative, open source software for enterprises leveraging containers to accelerate software development and improve IT operations. The flagship Rancher container management platform allows users to easily manage all aspects of running containers in production, on any infrastructure. RancherOS is a simplified Linux distribution built from containers for running containers. For additional information, please visit www.rancher.com.

Partner Quotes

"We are thrilled to work with Rancher on their 2.0 release, which greatly simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes. With Anchore's integration with Kubernetes, provided by Rancher, users can confidently deploy cloud native workloads that are certified for security and operational practices with policies defined by their users."
Said Ziouani, CEO, Anchore

"Containers should be portable across clouds and stacks. By partnering with Rancher, we can help customers operating in heterogeneous environments gain cross-platform container management, orchestration and security.”
Upesh Patel, Vice President of Business Development, Aqua Security

“Dell Technologies and Rancher Labs share a common vision of innovation and driving adoption of container technologies with enterprise customers. Through tools like REX-Ray (developed by {code}, Dell Technologies’ Open Source organization) designed to provide persistent storage across container technology, Dell Technologies is addressing emerging customer challenges by providing solutions that maximize datacenter efficiencies. Rancher Labs and Dell Technologies are also aligned around our embrace of Kubernetes and its robust ecosystem. Rancher’s 2.0 release provides a compelling aggregation point for multiple Kubernetes deployments.”
Josh Bernstein, Vice President of Technology, Dell Technologies

“We see increasing demand for time series platforms driven by the movement to containerization and virtualization. We are excited to partner with Rancher in addressing our joint customer needs for monitoring, visibility and control as they build their applications on Kubernetes.”
Evan Kaplan, CEO, InfluxData

"Rancher 2.0 means that customers have a choice in deploying and managing containers. At JFrog, we know our customers want us to stay on the cutting edge of containerization and DevOps technology, and we see that our integration and innovation with Rancher will continue to grow."
Kit Merker, VP Business Development, JFrog


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Release Summary

Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster


Mindshare PR
Eleni Laughlin, 510-406-0798