San Francisco’s Pythagoras Pizza Developing Tokenized Franchise Model

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Pythagoras Pizza is developing a Tokenized Alternative to Franchised Governance in which all contributors can share in the success of the companies they help build. In this radically fair model, hardworking contractors and employees in the service industry will see the potential for economic mobility currently reserved for private technology startup employees.

“This is an exciting and hopeful time. Many of the block-chain businesses we've seen have the potential to create wealth for savvy tech investors, but the tokenization of Regional B2C Service Businesses can actually usher in a new era of economic mobility for working class Americans.” - Evan Kuo, CEO

A New Era of Economic Mobility

Long admiring the worker owned co-op model for its equitable incentive structure and high quality output, Pythagoras and its founders sought to design a digitally scalable incentive structure that allows service providing members of their network to enjoy the benefits of both near-term liquidity and long term alignment with the company’s success. Service providers include, but are not limited to: food service professionals, delivery drivers, and product evangelists.

“The work we do is at the intersection of software, food service, and transportation logistics, and our team reflects that intersection. We’re unusually diverse for a startup, which makes the value of tokenization extremely obvious – I see no reason why we can’t all benefit from the near and long-term alignment that tokenization offers.” - Jessica Yen, Co-Founder

Use Cases

1. Earning Tokens by Referral

2. Earning Tokens by Delivery

3. Earning Tokens by Order

4. Earning Tokens by Production

For more details please refer to the full press release on our website and our whitepaper.


The company’s goal is to integrate the model into its current business, and generalize the protocol so that other regional B2C businesses can align incentives and amplify network effects.

Company Info

Pythagoras Pizza is a vertically integrated technology brand that makes and delivers high speed premium pizza. The company’s investors include Slow Ventures and Social Capital. Pythagoras plans to generalize their tokenized franchise ecosystem, beginning with the $44 billion US pizza market, and advancing into the $709 billion franchise market. | Full Press Release | Whitepaper


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Jessica Yen

Release Summary

Pythagoras Pizza is developing a tokenized franchise model that has the potential create a new era of economic mobility


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Jessica Yen