Augury and Momenta Partners Host Predictive Maintenance Adoption Strategies Webinar

Webinar Explains Predictive Maintenance Essentials and the Promise of Industrial IoT

NEW YORK--()--Augury, the Industrial Internet of Things technology company based in New York and Israel, today announced that Jonathan Cooper, Head of Business Development, will co-host a webinar with Momenta Partners, Connected Industry Growth Partners specializing in Telemetry, Industrial Automation, RFID, M2M and IoT.

The webinar addresses common challenges in the connected industry, including IIoT implementation and predictive maintenance analytics. Presenters cover how companies can deploy cost-efficient and scalable predictive maintenance strategies that advance business growth, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Drawing from our constant interactions with the market, we have gathered insight into the common challenges faced by companies rolling out an IIoT solution,” said Jonathan Cooper, Head of Business Development at Augury. “Our goal is to incorporate our learnings into a coherent and proven strategy to enable more organizations to realize the benefits of Predictive Maintenance.”


Augury and Momenta Partners to present webinar “Predictive Maintenance and the Industrial IoT - Hype, Reality, and Opportunity

WHO: Jonathan Cooper, Head of Business Development at Augury
WHEN: September 20, 2017 - 12:00 p.m. ET

Predictive Maintenance and the Industrial IoT - Hype, Reality, and Opportunity


About Augury

Augury is a New York- and Israel-based company that is bringing predictive maintenance technology to new markets. Built on the idea that each machine has a unique acoustic fingerprint, Augury has developed technology that listens to the machine, analyzes the data and catches any malfunctions before they arise. The Augury solution can be applied to HVAC in industrial factories as well as commercial facilities. Augury is building the mechanical diagnostics platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. To learn more about Augury, visit or follow on Twitter @augurysys.


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