Meet Wonder Workshop’s New CleverBots

Introducing two new clever, entertaining robots that spark creativity, and build 21st-century tech skills to inspire the inventors of tomorrow

Cue (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Three years ago, Wonder Workshop released Dash & Dot, a pair of ready-to-play robots that introduced children from around the world to coding and robotics in a fun and engaging way. Today, the company has taken a major step forward in its mission to spark creativity and inspire lifelong learning for kids of all ages, with the launch of two new robots that join the product family.

  • Cue (ages 11+) – a witty, entertaining robot with four hero avatars that takes personality and interactive communication to an entirely new level. Chat, create, and code at the skill level that’s right for you.
  • Dot Creativity Kit (ages 6+) – designed for adventure, fun and learning at an affordable price, the kit combines 20 Do-it-Yourself projects with a quirky green robot and hundreds of unique coding challenges.

“By the next decade, there will be one million more tech jobs in the US than qualified graduates to fill them, and by 2050 economists forecast that over 40 percent of jobs will require skills to develop, code, and manage robotic and AI systems,” said Wonder Workshop CEO and Co-founder, Vikas Gupta. “Wonder Workshop’s mission is to give kids of all ages the tools and confidence to take on the jobs of the future. With Cue, we’ve blended robotics, humor, knowledge, and natural language understanding together to create a unique experience -- one that we believe will deliver lasting, meaningful engagement.”

Meet Cue the CleverBot

Powered by breakthrough Emotive AI, Cue is a witty robot with attitude. Its new AI engine was designed to engage users emotionally, and its intelligence, humor, and deep content surface within chat interactions and autonomous behaviors.

Share your world with Cue as it talks, texts, and laughs with you. Cue builds your tech skills with games and challenges, and makes programming your own interactive experiences fun at any skill level. Interact with Cue via its companion app available on iOS, Android, and Kindle. Cue provides an unparalleled depth of experience in consumer robotics and provides four unique ways to explore with Cue:

  • Chat – Send and receive text messages with four different avatars to explore each one’s personality and sense of humor. Snappy answers, crazy memes, and jokes will keep you coming back for more. Cue’s extensive Chat library includes 30,000 responses with a vocabulary of over 170,000 words.
  • Control – Engage Cue's intelligent auto modes (seek, avoid, and explore) to navigate tight corners or obstacles while expressing personality at every turn.
  • Create – Discover a freestyle environment to program adventures using Cue’s proximity sensors, encoders, gyro, accelerometer, microphones and more.
  • Code – Unlock your coding potential by choosing the skill level that’s right for you. Build your program with blocks or toggle to JavaScript text mode. Cue will support Apple’s Swift programming language through a new Swift Playgrounds Playbook available in November.

Customize Cue with an Avatar of Your Choice

Choose your favorite avatar to explore its depth of personality, expressions, and actions. Try chatting with each avatar before selecting your favorite. The first Avatar is free and additional avatars can be activated for $4.99 each as an in-app purchase.

  • Smirk – a roguish risk-taker with a charming, boastful personality, loves to game the system.
  • Charge – a compassionate commander and born leader who loves to help others.
  • Zest – a smooth talker with flair extraordinaire, loves to encourage, compliment and show off.
  • Pep – an eager achiever who is always looking to learn and cheer on teammates.

Cue’s Tech Specs

Cue is Wonder Workshop’s most advanced robot to date with a new Emotive AI system, additional memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advanced Bluetooth capabilities. It also includes:

  • Precision motors - two powered wheels and encoders for quick navigation and precise distance tracking. Two motors and potentiometers support Cue’s head pan, tilt, and accurate positioning.
  • Proximity sensors - detect objects left, right, and back at multiple distances.
  • Sensor fusion and multiple processors - manage complex interactions among actuators and sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, and wheel encoders.
  • IR receivers and transmitters - enable Cue to locate and interact with other robots and IR beacons.
  • Microphones and speaker - real time voice triangulation, personalized recording and playback.

Meet Dot Creativity Kit

With the Dot Creativity Kit, kids learn about robotics and develop fundamental coding and problem-solving skills while having fun. Dot’s projects range from crafting, active play, and code breaking, to storytelling and construction.

Dot is a clever little green robot with multiple sensors and a quirky personality that powers the Do-It-Yourself projects in the new Dot Creativity Kit. Dot comes pre-assembled and ready to play. Use the included accessories to bowl with Dot, dress Dot in quirky costumes, construct a working mood lamp, protect your room from intruders, and more. Key Dot Creativity Kit features:

  • 20 project cards, 10 costume changes, and many other project accessories.
  • 100 reusable stickers, 1 squishy case, and Lego™ compatible building brick connectors.
  • 3 free downloadable mobile apps (Wonder, Blockly & Go) with dozens of challenges, puzzles, and hours of free play. Compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

Sharing a commitment to lifelong learning with Microsoft

Wonder Workshop is also announcing a partnership with Microsoft to further promote creativity and collaboration among young people. As part of this joint effort, Cue’s new coding experience was built upon Microsoft’s open source platform, MakeCode. In early 2018, we will also support the Windows 10 store and continue to advance our common education initiatives.

"We see tremendous value in Wonder Workshop’s robots and are thrilled that our open source platform plays a key role in this innovative product that inspires creative problem-solving in kids. We are pleased that this solution is coming to the Windows 10 Store in early 2018." - Dan Rosenstein, Principle Program Manager, Windows and Devices Group.

Where to find Cue and Dot Creativity Kit

Cue is available to pre-order on September 19 for $199.99 at Shipping begins September 28. Cue comes in two colors: onyx and quartz. Quartz is available exclusively at Apple and online at Wonder Workshop. Dot Creativity Kit is available for pre-order now for $79.99 at Shipping begins September 28.

Both Cue and Dot Creativity Kit are also available at major retailers including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Best Buy Canada, and Target.

About Wonder Workshop

Founded in 2012, Wonder Workshop’s mission is to spark creativity with kids of all ages, inspiring lifelong learning through our clever robotics platform. The company is committed to helping children succeed in the 21st century and developing in-depth experiences that balance fun and learning, promote collaboration, and provide enduring value to both girls and boys at home and in the classroom. Our award-winning products are used at home and in more than 12,000 schools across the U.S.

Wonder Workshop runs the annual Wonder League Robotics competition, which attracted 5,300 teams from 52 countries in 2016. Registration for the 2017 Wonder League Robotics competition is now open. Teams can enter to compete for the $5,000 STEM grant grand prize at the official contest page.


Wonder Workshop
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Wonder Workshop
Nadine Haija, 206-619-7124