Galanz's Excellent Home Appliances Become a New Representative of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

----Chinese Brand Takes on a New Look at IFA, Germany

BERLIN--()--The Chinese brand Galanz showed up at IFA, Berlin with the whole set of G+ intelligent home appliances, to display a new pattern, new value and new sharing of the globalizing Chinese home appliances.

From Manufacturing to Intelligent Manufacturing

Specialized in manufacturing for 39 years, Galanz has refurbished the world’s cognition of “Made in China”. Starting with microwave trade, its business now covers a full supply of microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dish washer and other small home appliances.

At this year’s IFA, Galanz Technology focuses on the technical significance of “Better User Experience”. At the Galanz booth, a number of excellent home appliances of high IQ and high EQ aroused attention from global merchants, including internet-based eco-refrigerator with social and housekeeper functions, drum washing machine with iron-free and steaming function, intelligent microwave with massive cloud menu, embedded three-in-one machine of microwave, steam stove and oven, etc. Using mobile phone to access the Galanz G+ intelligent home appliances APP, user can remote control home appliance, upgrade product functions independently and even can control all the intelligent equipment in the house via a Galanz Internet-based eco-refrigerator.

All exhibited Galanz products are in accordance with the concept of ecological health and green sustainable development in terms of design, materials, production and installation, being friendly products for both users and the environment.

Award-winning products: Smart Interconnected Innovation Gold Award - Galanz Ice World Refrigerator BCD-388WTDPH (, Safety and Cleaning Technology Innovation Gold Award - Galanz Automatic Dishwasher W3A1G1-0C0 (

From Scale & Speed-Driven to Innovation & Efficiency-Driven

“As a manufacturer, quality comes first, also second and third.” Always striving for the best products is Galanz’s practical response to “Made in China 2025” and the structural reform of the supply front.

Galanz spares no effort in training and hiring talents. Liang Zhaoxian, President of Galanz Group, said,“The real industrial revolution always starts from the most fundamental stage; top products will only be created by top talents.” Besides, Galanz is also the first Chinese home appliances manufacturer that puts forward and practices the system of Skilled Staff.

During the promotion of local manufacturing and talent upgrade, Galanz started Talent Localization strategy worldwide. Galanz used to dispatch Chinese talents for oversea trade, now it seeks international development by bringing in talents from the world.

“Talent is the premise for successful transformation, so top talents in the world should be gathered together.” While fastening the process of transformation and upgrade, Galanz invested a lot in hiring talents instead of merging or acquiring companies.

Since 2015, Galanz has fastened the global talent expansion, and built a talent base for home appliances manufacturing industry. Moreover, to manage global talents, Galanz has adopted the innovative idea of “Let Foreigners Manage Foreign Teams” to inspire creativity.

Galanz factory in Guangdong, China gathers talents from all over the world, with the nation’s first-class intelligent manufacturing and testing equipment from Italy, Germany and Japan, covering various categories such as microwave, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dish washer, etc.

In July 2016, Galanz customized the world's first microwave auto-assembling production line with tens of millions of Yuan. The new automatic production line can produce 5,000 sets of high-end microwave each day, which is 1 set per 12s on average, increasing production efficiency by up to 38% than the traditional pattern, and the first pass yield of excellent goods has surpassed 99%. 25 years ago, Galanz only produced 10,000 sets of microwave each year, now it can produce 100,000 sets each day. After then, Galanz further introduced the world’s first-class automatic equipment for washing machine, dish washer, electric steam stove, refrigerator and A/C compressor. According to incomplete statistics, equipment investment of Galanz in recent years has reached 3 billion Yuan, equal to that of the total amount of the previous 20 years.

From Products Going Global to Brand Going Global

Thanks to the new chances brought by “Made in China 2025” and One Belt, One Road, Galanz is able to focus on brand, excellent products and efficiency, and to improve the overall level of internationalization systematically in various aspects.

In the past 20 years, Galanz has established strategic partnerships with many famous brands in Europe, with almost 0.2 billion sets of home appliances exported to Europe. The strategic cooperation with Bosch Group started from microwave to electric steam stove, and co-developed markets in Europe and Asia. Besides, I-series microwave products were customized for CASO targeting middle and high-end user group. Since 2015, Galanz has started excellent product strategy in the global market, transforming the past OEM mode of “Just Take Orders” into standard OEM, and greatly strengthening ODM cooperation, in order to achieve practical international production capacity cooperation.

At the same time, Galanz is developing strategic cooperation with global mainstream retail channels covering products from kitchen appliances to white goods and improving international strategic cooperative value through independent innovation and brand. Galanz has directly entered into business with many mainstream retail channels in Europe, such as Media Markt, Saturn, METRO, Aldi South, Kaufland, Carrefour (France), Fillony, etc. In the field of E-commerce, Galanz is the five-star cooperation partner of OTTO Group. And it was revealed that Galanz will accelerate direct supply for Amazon project in European countries this year.

In the next three to five years, localization will become the development focus for the brand internationalization of Galanz. Galanz has established subsidiaries and R&D centers in developed countries such as Germany, UK and France, and employed a lot of local talents to build local teams for marketing, operation and quality control, accelerating retail business development as well as building local warehousing and logistic distribution system in Europe. With the further fulfillment of localization strategy, Galanz will be able to provide better brand service experience for global users.


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The Chinese brand Galanz showed up at IFA, Berlin with the whole set of G+ intelligent home appliances

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