New Striim Release Further Bolsters SQL-based Streaming and Database Connectivity for Kafka

End-to-End Streaming Data Platform Simplifies and Speeds Delivery of Kafka-driven Analytics Applications; Augments Exactly Once Processing Guarantees

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Striim, Inc., provider of the leading end-to-end, real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform, today announced that it has launched version 3.7.4 of the Striim platform, bolstering its ease of use, connectivity, manageability, and scalability for delivering streaming analytics applications involving Apache Kafka.

The Striim platform’s enterprise-grade, SQL-based integration with Apache Kafka has been generally available for several product releases, and boasts numerous deployments among Fortune 500 customers. These customers are using the Striim solution to enable high-volume, high-velocity data correlation and analytics involving Kafka data, along with other enterprise data sources. Based on input from these production customers, Striim has further strengthened the platform’s ease-of-use, connectivity, manageability, and scalability in support of Kafka-related deployments.

“It’s a daunting challenge, integrating multiple tiers when building Streaming Applications with Kafka as an underlying message store. Striim makes that problem go away,” said Alok Pareek, co-founder and EVP of Products at Striim. “For several years, Striim has been the leader in defining an integrated Streaming Data Platform that includes not just Kafka, but also SQL-based applications and universal connectivity with a wide variety of event delivery semantics. With the 3.7.4 release, we have added Kafka diagnostic utilities, advanced monitoring metrics, and additional connectors to reduce the complexity of managing Kafka in production environments.”

Striim 3.7.4 introduces new utilities specifically designed to speed the adoption of Kafka as part of an end-to-end flow. These utilities help users quickly and easily scale Kafka applications by gathering baseline performance metrics for real world applications that involve parsing, formatting, buffer management, and external connectivity. These enhancements in the Kafka producer, consumer, and broker metrics help increase the monitoring, manageability and scalability of streaming applications.

SQL-query-based processing and analytics, a drag-and-drop UI, configuration wizards, and custom utilities such as these make the Striim platform the easiest solution to deliver end-to-end streaming integration and analytics applications involving Kafka.

In addition, Striim has bolstered the platform’s connectivity with hundreds of data sources and targets to include a new real-time Smart NetFlow Reader. The Striim Cloud Readiness offering for Kafka has also been expanded, enabling writing from Kafka queues to AWS Redshift and S3, Google Cloud, and several Microsoft Azure solutions including Azure SQL Server, Azure Storage, and Azure HDInsight.

In the area of stream processing, Striim has augmented its solution’s Exactly Once Processing (E1P) guarantees across the data pipeline, spanning the entire end-to-end streaming architecture. Because Apache Kafka is built into the Striim platform, a parallel Kafka stream can act as an intermediary persistent store, helping to ensure that users are processing and writing data once and only once.

About Striim + Apache Kafka

The Striim platform offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and streaming analytics across all aspects of streaming data management, including Kafka. With the Striim solution, companies can continuously ingest from Kafka as a data source, and/or continuously write to Kafka as a target. The Striim offering also ships with Apache Kafka built into the platform, allowing Kafka to become transparent to the user, and its capabilities harnessed without having to code APIs.

Read more about how Striim helps companies get more from their Apache Kafka implementation in our new blog series, “Making the Most of Apache Kafka.” Or download Striim v3.7.4 and try out these recent enhancements for Kafka users.

About Striim

The Striim (pronounced “stream”) platform is an enterprise-grade, real-time data integration and intelligence solution. The platform makes it easy to ingest and process high volumes of streaming data – including change data capture – for real-time log correlation, cloud integration, edge processing, and streaming analytics. Companies worldwide use the Striim platform to deliver real-time data integration, analysis and visualization for a wide variety of use cases including data security, fraud, SLA monitoring, customer experience, replication, data modernization, and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics. Please visit, read our blog at, follow @striimteam, or download the Striim platform.


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Release Summary

Striim launches version 3.7.4, bolstering manageability and scalability for delivering streaming analytics applications involving Apache Kafka.


Striim, Inc.
Ryan Siss, 650-241-0680 ext. 238