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Global analytics and advisory firm Quantzig recently completed a data analytics study for a leading CPG manufacturer. The goal of the study was to improve their network coverage strategy to ensure maximum reach and acceptance at minimum possible cost.

Organizations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are devoting a considerable amount of their time to managing sales forces, however, they are only able to cover 60% of their target region. The seasonality of products has made it almost impossible for the retailers to balance demand with inbound shipments.

According to Quantizg’s analysts, “Increasing competition has been driving CPG companies to improve their network coverage strategy to ensure maximum reach and acceptance at minimum possible cost. Analyzing relevant data and building territories can be regarded as a better option for estimating the potentiality of the sales force.”

Organizations can make use of data analytics for aligning sales territories which get misaligned with change in company strategies. This will help retailers make informed business decisions. and ensure that their sales forces are well positioned to succeed by using data effectively to design sales territories.

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Quantzig’s latest big data analytics study analyzed the information obtained from various sources such as salespeople, states, locations, transport modes, associated costs, territory information, and network plans, helping the client increase the number of locations visited by 50%, reduce transportation costs by 17%, and improve conversions by 22%.

Benefits Provided by this Study:

  • Proposed centralization of network optimization effort across all the divisions of the company. Proposed planning would uncover potential opportunities for territory optimization across all divisions and effectively apply best practices
  • Proposed new number and location of cities to maximize territory potential and optimize transpiration costs
  • Dashboard based solution for real-time updates and insights on operational metrics, sales person performance, target and achievement details, and new prospects

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In addition, Quantzig has also released their top three trends in sales force effectiveness. Organizations have realized the benefits of an effective sales force and are devising strategies to leverage it. These trends will help organizations improve the productivity and efficiency of their work force.

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Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive

Release Summary

Quantzig performs big data analytics study for CPG manufacturer, improves conversions by 22%.


Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive