Sustainability is Becoming a Top Concern for the Packaging Industry - BizVibe

Sustainability is Becoming a Top Concern for the Packaging Industry - BizVibe (Graphic: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Sustainability is becoming a major concern for the packaging industry worldwide, which accounts for a significant portion of the total waste reaching landfills each year. In order to reduce the negative impact packaging has on the environment, vendors need to invest in sustainable packaging materials, monitor their waste, and comply with changing government regulations regarding how packaging and its aftermath should be dealt with. Details on the developments towards sustainability in the packaging industry worldwide are some of this week’s top stories on BizVibe.

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Singapore’s only landfill will be full by 2035

Singapore’s National Environment Agency has announced that the country’s only remaining landfill site will be full by 2035 if current trends regarding packaging waste continue. Semaku Landfill has the capacity to hold enough incinerated waste to fill more than 6,600 Olympic-size swimming pools, but the total amount of packaging waste generated in Singapore in 2016 alone was enough to fill more than 1,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The NEA is putting into place regulations that will help to combat the excess generation of waste from packaging. By 2021, companies in Singapore will be required to report how much waste they have generated and other data related to their packaging activities. They will also have to update their packaging waste reduction plans annually.

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Sustainable packaging market growing globally

More than ever, manufacturers are adopting sustainable packaging materials and practices. Manufacturers must examine the entire product lifecycle and supply chain, working to ensure that the final product will be used and disposed of in a way that does not cause environmental damage.

Paper and paperboard, bioplastics, and corrugated cardboard are currently the most commonly used sustainable packaging materials available in the market. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 8% by 2020, and is experiencing more significant growth in regions with high urban populations.

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Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive

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Sustainability is becoming a major concern for the packaging industry worldwide. BizVibe examines the recent trends in the packaging industry.


Jesse Maida
BizVibe Media & Marketing Executive