ReedGroup Announces Launch of Highest-Accuracy Disability Duration Tool Available

New MDGuidelines Duration Views Helps Return People to Work and Health More Quickly

WESTMINSTER, Colo.--()--ReedGroup® has announced the launch of its new MDGuidelines® Duration Views, a tool developed to estimate employees’ disability durations with higher accuracy and increased transparency. MDGuidelines Duration Views is built upon robust analytics, evidence from millions of real-world cases, expert medical opinions, and MDGuidelines’ robust population database. This revolutionary tool will provide additional information to aid case managers and physicians in applying their professional judgment.

MDGuidelines Duration Views (accessible at adds to ReedGroup’s evidence-based care guidelines – a tool that can dramatically impact healthcare costs, which grew to $3.2 trillion in the U.S. in 2015 (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). In addition, its increased accuracy is designed to help providers set appropriate recovery goals for returning people to normal living and optimize the use of healthcare services.

“ReedGroup is focused on changing the absence and disability industry,” said ReedGroup CEO David Roberts. “As with our MDGuidelines Duration Views, ReedGroup is innovating across all our products and services to enable faster and safer return-to-activity for employees in work settings and patients in clinical settings. This new tool demonstrates ReedGroup’s commitment to deliver progressively more impactful data and tools to support our customers in their decision making.”

“No other duration estimation tool includes this level of underlying analytic rigor, bringing a new level of sophisticated analysis to the healthcare industry,” said Fraser Gaspar, Ph.D., ReedGroup’s Epidemiologist. “We applied advanced statistical techniques to improve the existing predictive model and have made our comprehensive duration estimates available in one place so clients can more quickly use and apply our industry-leading content,” he added.

For the first time—more accurate disability duration data in one place

MDGuidelines Duration Views arms clinicians and case managers with multiple data points and perspectives, in a single view, so they can make the best decisions and ultimately enable better health outcomes in disability cases. The tool provides easy access to three comprehensive yet distinct types of recovery estimates, making it the only “one-stop shop” in the marketplace for providers, payers and employers. The three views include:

Physiological View: Users can manage cases by reviewing return-to-activity estimates created by ReedGroup’s Medical Advisory Board – data isolated to the body’s ability to heal and recover.

Population View: Users can manage return-to-activity by comparing cases to average durations experienced by other people with the same condition – based on seven million real-world cases.

Case View: Users can predict durations on specific cases by understanding influencing factors such as age, gender and comorbid conditions.

MDGuidelines Duration Views includes a Summary View that allows users to review all three estimates in a consolidated chart.

Underpinned by Rigorous Analytics

ReedGroup is committed to transparency in its methodology – a core Institute of Medicine (IoM) requirement for any medical guideline. MDGuidelines Duration Views includes an improved predictive model based on proven and transparent statistical methodologies. View the MDGuidelines Duration Views whitepaper, which offers insight into ReedGroup’s methodology and statistics.

About ReedGroup

ReedGroup, a wholly owned subsidiary of the The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®, is a leading health and productivity organization providing services to over half of the Fortune 100 companies. With more than 2,000 employees, ReedGroup has operations across the United States, Canada, and India. ReedGroup’s flagship product, MDGuidelines, is the industry’s leading solution for total health management and workplace productivity. MDGuidelines features the world’s most trusted disability duration estimates and evidence-based Practice Guidelines from ACOEM. MDGuidelines is a proven approach to managing and measuring the impact of evidence-based care across entire populations.


Tracy Dunagan, 303-246-3308


Tracy Dunagan, 303-246-3308