IDERA ER/Studio Delivers Breakthrough Data Governance Capabilities

New Integration extends industry-leading change management capabilities to Atlassian JIRA users

HOUSTON--()--IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today released the latest versions of both ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition and ER/Studio Data Architect. The updated data modeling and architecture tools feature enhanced data governance capabilities, close the gaps between data modeling and development, and improve collaboration between data professionals and business users.

With this latest release, IDERA is expanding its industry-leading change management capabilities to integrate with Atlassian’s JIRA issue tracking product. Team members can edit tasks and user stories in the ER/Studio Team Server collaboration platform and view related model changes using the integrated Change Management Center. Users can also link to JIRA projects and tasks, which are then visible in Team Server. Integrating ER/Studio and JIRA allows development and data modeling professionals to reference the exact same requirements, tasks and user stories for data model changes, creating tighter alignment of these historically disparate teams.

“I’ve been a lifelong advocate for including data modeling in the same processes that the rest of the database development components go through,” said Karen Lopez, senior project manager and architect, InfoAdvisors. “The ability to directly track a change to the data model and associate it with a development task or user story in an issue management system demonstrates to teams that the model and the DDL for databases are just as important as other components. I am excited that ER/Studio is the first data modeling tool to provide change management that connects to JIRA and addresses this critical need. Having this level of change management allows multiple people to work on models, while having the context of why and how something changed in the data models.”

Recent IDERA research shows that organizations need collaboration tools that bridge the gap between IT and the business. IDERA is enhancing ER/Studio to close this gap, providing data modeling and development teams with integrated data lifecycle capabilities. Working from a single unified view of corporate data, enterprises are able to deliver a more transparent, inclusive, and ultimately successful data governance program.

While JIRA is typically adopted by agile teams, this doesn’t restrict ER/Studio from supporting other development methodologies. It does, however, allow agile teams to employ data modeling planning and implementation into their sprint-based workflow. In addition, current users of ER/Studio who wish to transition to agile development can do so with ER/Studio support.

Other IDERA ER/Studio capabilities include:

  • SQL Server 2016 and DB2 for z/OS v11 support: Allows data modelers who have already deployed SQL Server or DB2 for z/OS to include the latest releases within their physical data models.
  • Enhanced user experience: Improves usability with rich text formatting and spell check capabilities that enhance metadata documentation quality. Relationship color inheritance improves productivity by creating visual associations between related parent and child objects.
  • Improved glossary integration: Associates specific business glossaries with particular models and submodels, improving consistency for data governance.

“The level of data maturity and governance in many organizations is still very low. Change management is an integral component of data governance, which organizations must embrace to establish a data-driven culture,” said Ron Huizenga, senior product manager, IDERA. “With the increasing use of agile and high-velocity development methodologies, data modeling must be incorporated into the workflow to ensure data quality and consistency.”

For more information on ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition and ER/Studio Data Architect, attend the new release webinar on March 16, 11am CDT, or visit

Supporting Quotes

  • William Inmon, noted author and recognized as the Father of the Data Warehouse, stated, “It is welcome news that IDERA ER/Studio has extended data management into the world of development and design with their recent release. IDERA’s new advances will make data warehouses easier to build and manage.”
  • “Extending IDERA ER/Studio with the powerful JIRA integration for issue and project tracking really enriches ER/Studio's agile design and collaboration capabilities. Every change of every model can be tracked from the start all the way to the finalization,” added Rick van der Lans, independent analyst and consultant for R20/Consultancy.
  • “IDERA ER/Studio has added some very useful features in its latest release, which facilitate better communication of the data model,” said Len Silverston, author of ‘The Data Model Resource Book’ series and consultant for Universal Data Models, LLC. “The ability to hide relationship lines has great utility in determining which relationships are shown in a subject data area. Relationship color coding and rich text formatting are valuable features that will help data professionals more easily communicate their models within organizations.”


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Release Summary

IDERA expands industry-leading change management capabilities to integrate with Atlassian’s JIRA issue tracking product.


FOLIO Communications Group, LLC
Cybele Diamandopoulos, 512-535-4422